Family Practitioner Questions Mouth Sores

What is the treatment for mouth ulcers?

I have an ulcer inside my mouth and it's causing me a lot of pain. What is the best way to treat mouth ulcers? Should I just use OTC medication?

4 Answers

Mouth ulcers can be aphthous ulcers (fever blisters) or cold sores (herpes virus) and both are very painful. OTC medications simply do absolutely nothing other than provide a little numbing. A Biolase erbium soft laser will reduce the ulcer from two weeks to four days. Contact Biolase to see who in your area owns one. Also red laser pointers actually reduces duration of the ulcers.
I would look to several factors as the reason for mouth ulcers which are usually due to increased stress which is hard to eliminate but you must determine what's causing your body to secrete excess acid, or a combination of medications which are instrumental in changing the pH of your mouth. For example if you are prone to ingest lots of citric acid in the form of tomatoes, their juices, lemons, orange juice to access, ketchup based foods like pizza and toppings that are extremely spicy it's likely your diet is contributing. No over the counter medication is going to overcome a chronic habit
Mouth ulcers can be very painful. You can treat them with over the counter medications or you can visit a dentist that has a laser. Laser can be used to speed the healing of mouth ulcers and therefore decrease your discomfort.
First, remove any local irritant that could be causing it (orthodontic wire, broken tooth, etc.). It will heal on its own with time. To make it feel better, try OTC medications and avoid acidic foods.