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What kind of foot wear can I wear at home all day?

I am having corn and skin hardening issues. I am confused about indoor footwear. I had corn removals, so which brand or which kind of slipper I can wear inside home or barefoot?

Female | 38 years old
Medications: Nothing
Conditions: Corns, callus

7 Answers

Tennis shoes. Since Covid, lots of people are working from home and we are seeing a lot of Plantar fasciitis.
Having corns and callouses are a result of bone deformities that cannot be "fixed" by just changing shoes. Wearing loose-fitting shoes in the house will reduce the pressure on those areas. Also, corn pads usually have acid in them that should never be used if you're a diabetic and will never fix your problem until the bones causing your problem are addressed.
You can wear any indoor slipper you wish. In my opinion, the best slipper however is VIONIC slippers. They provide the foot with the best biomechanical support. FYI, Corns and callouses are actually bone problems, not skin problems. I recommend that you see a board certified podiatry physician for a proper evaluation to determine the cause of the corns and callouses. You may need X-rays to determine which bones are involved. That way, the podiatry physician can recommend a proper treatment to prevent the corns and callouses from coming back. 

Franklin Kase, DPM, FACFAS
Usually a soft terry cloth style slipper will be most comfortable and warm for indoor wear.
"Skin hardening issues?" Calluses???? Calluses are normally a thickening of the skin in response to an entrapment (ie: A corn on the top of a toe is usually a result of the skin being trapped between the bone in the toe and the shoe you are wearing). No slippers should cause irritation to the tops of the toes. If the calluses are on the bottom of the feet, there may be a mechanical reason, fat pad atrophy over the metatarsal heads, or a flat foot which changes the position of the bones and the mechanics of the feet. Again, slippers should not be an issue with this type of problem. I usually recommend people wear VIONIC slippers. Sheep skin slippers are also soft and nice. But for the 'thickened skin issue' you need to see a dermatologist or Podiatrist.
Barefoot is usually not advisable for long periods of time. Any slipper you would use should have some support to reduce pressure points, which is why you would develop corns and calluses.
Wear a soft and/or deep shoe or slipper that doesn’t run the affected area. Crocs makes some nice options