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What pressure point relieves shoulder pain?

I am a 29 year old male. I want to know what pressure point relieves shoulder pain?

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The origin of shoulder pain is very individual and therefore the points are not a general answer either.
there are many pressure points for shoulder pain on the body, it depends on what is causing your shoulder pain.
There are a million books on acupressure on the market. There are 6 energy channels that traverse the shoulder. I don't have enough information to answer this. You should consult a professional.
Typically, a local treatment entails points around the shoulder with specific attention to your site of pain. There are distal points that are useful when treating shoulder pain that is located on the legs/ankles and further down the arm toward the wrist.
It is not one point to relieve your shoulder pain, for me I should give you a whole body massage ,then probably acupuncture and herbs.
There are many points that treat the shoulder. There are always points wherever you have the actual pain, but then depending on the exact location of the pain, there are also points on the arms and legs as well.
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There are a couple different sets of pressure point to relieve shoulder pain. It all depends on the location of the pain and differentiation of the diagnosis. For example, LI 4, LI 10, SI 6, Lung 9, the best solution is to talk to your practitioner.

It is difficult to inform about points that could relieve symptoms if we don't have a full medical history of the current condition. It is recommended to make an appointment with a provider to discuss all options.

Alexandre Hillairet, DAOM.
You will get more relief by receiving acupuncture from a practitioner than by self-prescribing acupressure.

Al Thieme, LAc, MAOM, MSEE

You may press on the following points of the affected side of the shoulder with gentle movement: SJ-4 (on the transverse crease of the dorsum of wrist, in the depression lateral to the tendon of m. extensor digitorum communis) and SI-6 (Dorsal to the head of ulna. When the palm faces the chest, the point in in the boney cleft on the radial side of styloid process of the ulna). Or Auricular points: Axilla - on the scapha above shoulder pain point, and shoulder pain - on the scapha superior and medial to shoulder joint point.


Dr. Khounh

Gb21 generally. But where is the exact location, anterior, posterior, lateral?
I cannot answer that question, as each individual is different, so is your energy. I could see 2 people with shoulder pain and treat them both differently. I would have to see you, hear your story, feel your pulses and look at your tongue to make an accurate assessment of where to place needles or pressure. Acupuncture is not cookbook style. Medicine…it is individualized.

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Jean Dnati
It is best you go get treated. Shoulder pain can involve with different muscle groups; also chronic repetitive usuage and stress can be a factor as well.
Unfortunately, I am not able to upload picture to show you the points. Try to look for LI 15, TE14,TE19,SI10, SI11, GB21. Also, any painful spots are good to massage. About 1-2 inches radius.
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Dr. Leila
Press on a point on the Large Intestine meridian (channel) that is easily found. Raise your arm on the affected side as though you are going to pull down a lever. (Think of Casy Jones the train conductor sounding a whistle).Next, find the depression on the edge of that shoulder and press down hard. The pain/stiffness should abate. This should even help “frozen shoulder “. However, if the rotater cuff is injured, you’ll need to see an MD or orthopedic doctor/surgeon for an evaluation!
If there is a tight muscle, the pressure point will be the trigger point on that muscle.
It is difficult to describe it without seeing the patient. You should consult your local acupuncturists.
There is no individual pressure point to relieve shoulder pain. Acupuncture is a holistic medicine that looks at the whole body, and any individual pain in relation to the whole picture. The pressure points unique to your shoulder pain would be different than those for someone else - it would take an appointment with a provider to diagnose you specifically and give you a plan.
There are several points that can be used to treat shoulder pain. To learn which are best for you, I recommend you visit your acupuncturist.
Stomach 38 on the shin is a common point for frozen shoulder. Small Intestine 3 is also a common point for shoulder pain.
These points can relieve shoulder pain : LI 14, 15, 16; SI 9, 10, 12, 13, 14, 15; GB 21. You maybe cannot find them, you either can get an acupuncture book or ask your acupuncturist.
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