Dentist Questions Jaw Surgery

What questions should I ask my surgeon about jaw corrective surgery?

According to my dentist, my jaw is not aligned properly and I have a severe underbite, so he is sending me to an oral surgeon to discuss my options for surgery. I'm a little nervous though, and don't know where to start to get the answers I need. Are there any questions that I should be asking my surgeon?

3 Answers

Ask about complications and post surgery recovery
You surgeon will explain to you step-by-step of the procedure including see an orthodontist before and after the surgery, the risks and potential complications of the surgery, the recovery time, the pre and post operative preparations etc. you do not need to be nervous, you will have plenty time to discuss with the surgeon from the time you decide to have the surgery until the actual date of your operation
Before corrective jaw surgery, you should consult with an orthodontist. All orthognathic surgery is a team event. The orthodontist and oral surgeon work hand in hand. The Orthodontist is seen first!