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Who is my child's father?

My baby's estimated due date was 1/23/22 but I had the baby early on 1/3/22 (3 weeks early). I do not remember my last period I had sexual intercourse on 4/18/21 and 4/25/21 with man A, and 5/2/21 with man B. My doctor gave me a conception date of 5/2/21. Can you please give me an idea of who could be the father of my baby? I’m so scared.

Female | 26 years old
Complaint duration: Was pregnant just had baby
Medications: None
Conditions: None

1 Answer

Unfortunately since you don’t remember when your last period was you will need to obtain paternity testing. The fact that you delivered early has no bearing on who the baby’s father is. You can do an internet search for labs who perform those tests in your area.