Dentist Questions Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Why do I have antibiotics after my extraction?

After my wisdom teeth were removed, I was prescribed Amoxicillin. I mean, it doesn't make sense to me, but I'm taking them regardless. But why are antibiotics prescribed after a wisdom tooth extraction? There's no present infection, so are they meant to prevent an infection?

3 Answers

Yes, to prevent infection.
These are meant to prevent an infection. Whenever you expose and manipulate the bone in the jaw it is recommended to take antibiotics to prevent any serious side effects.
There are two school of thoughts regarding prescribing antibiotic post surgery of wisdom teeth. One believes that the oral cavity has full of bacteria, so whenever there is an open wound, for prophylactic purpose we prescribe antibiotic to prevent infection. Also, for compromised patient, giving antibiotic after surgery is a must to prevent any potential complication, since their immune system is low. The other school of thought is that antibiotic is not necessary after the surgery, unless the procedure takes much longer than usual due to complication during the surgery, the wound was exposed to the environment over a period of time, it will increase the risk of infection. Otherwise exposing the patient to unnecessary antibiotic may create resistance to antibiotic.