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Why is my child's tongue white?

I was helping my daughter, who's five years old, brush her teeth, and I noticed that her tongue is white. I've also noticed some white along her gums and the inside of her cheek. She's not complaining of any irritation. Why could this white stuff be in her mouth?

2 Answers

Hmmm. Make sure she is not using an adult toothpaste, but a kid-friendly, fluoride toothpaste. Some adult toothpastes can be hard on gums and oral tissue causing them to "slough." Also, make sure you are brushing the tongue effectively. Bacteria can grow on the tongue as well. If you see no change in brushing with a different toothpaste and brushing her tongue, I would pay a visit to her dentist.
She most likely has an overgrowth of a fungus called 'candida albicans' which affects the very young, the very old and those with compromised immune systems. Best to have her checked by a dentist.