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Will I have mental effects after weight loss surgery?

I am scheduled for weight loss surgery in 4 weeks, specifically stomach band. Will I have mental effects after weight loss surgery?

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I have never met you, so there is no way I can answer that question. The surgery itself does not cause mental issues unless you are one of the extremely rare individuals who have some sort of complications during surgery. But ask yourself: what are you expecting to get out of the surgery? Is losing weight going to really change your life? Are you willing to make the necessary changes that go along with the procedure? I had a friend who got the lap band surgery and she would go out and drink creme de menthe with heavy cream (that's a drink - sounds disgusting to me but whatever). Do
people who are watching their weight drink those kinds of drinks? Or is a glass of white wine more appropriate? Same with food. She had the surgery and would eat super fattening food and
spread it out over a whole day. Chocolate chip mint ice cream pie (she loved mint I guess!). Mashed potatoes. Pasta. I don't eat those things. My guess is that if you want to be emotionally happy, it would be important to address the issues you have around food BEFORE you get the surgery. That same friend - her husband also had the surgery. He would overeat and then vomit and eat some more. Those are mental issues for sure. I know that people are of different sizes and shapes for all kinds of reasons. I tell my patients, my kids, and myself, that if we were the kind of people who could biologically eat anything we wanted, then we would already know we were those people and would never have any weight issues. But we are not (and most people aren't). So if you expect the weight loss surgery to be a magic cure for a lifetime of bad eating habits, then yes, you are going to have mental issues. Good luck to you and I hope this gives you what you want!!

Vivian Shnaidman M.D.

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Many patients do. It is important to work closely with a psychologist and a bariatrician. You can find a good bariatrician in your area through
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