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Will my teeth hurt after a dental cleaning?

I will get a dental cleaning. Will my teeth hurt after a dental cleaning?

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It depends on the Dental Hygienist (or dentist) and the condition of your teeth and gums. Most of the time there is very little pain, and many times a topical anesthetic can be placed during the procedure to eliminate any pain. Good luck and God bless, ..Michael Frith DDS
If your teeth and gums are healthy and you get dental cleanings every six months as recommended, your regular cleanings can dislodge plaque and particles in between teeth, allowing teeth to shift back to their natural positions. This can also cause an aching feeling, which you may also experience after flossing. As in the situations mentioned above, this feeling is normal and will pass quickly.
But if you have issues with your gums, like the gum disease gingivitis, you may also experience pain or discomfort after a dental cleaning. Because plaque and tartar are being removed, the surface of your gums that may have been affected will be exposed. Also, sensitivity as a result of gingivitis or gum disease can make your gums more sensitive to cleaning. In either case, this discomfort should decrease fairly quickly, and the cleaning will help prevent the progress of gum disease.
They may be sore but should not hurt
Is normal to have pain &sensitivity at least Four to week .Because the Normal flora need time to reestablish after remove the calculus ,,plaque,, around the Gum.
Your teeth should not hurt after a cleaning however sometimes if it has been a long time since your last cleaning or if you have sensitive teeth you could have a little sensitivity for a day or so.