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After aborting through pills do you still need DNC?

I was 4 weeks pregnant and I took abortion pills to abort my pregnancy. Will I also have to undergo a DNC?

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If pelvic sonogram shows empty uterus then you may not need d and c
No Not necessarily only if you have heavy bleeding or lif you have retained products of conception which can be detected on ultrsound
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No, not unless the pills failed to cause the tissue to fully pass. Your doctor should be ordering follow up labs and ultrasounds to make sure you did pass all the tissue.
That would depend if all the tissue came out after the medication was taken. I recommend a follow up ultrasound to ensure the uterus is empty. If it is, then you do not need a D&C.
Depends on how much product of conception left in the uterus
Dilatation and curettage, DNC is not usually needed in very early medical termination of pregnancy
Ideally, you will not need a D and C. Most medical abortions are successful and the uterus completely evacuates the pregnancy tissue. However, there is a chance of an incomplete abortion or retained products and a D and C is needed in some cases. If there is persistent bleeding with clots and the pregnancy has not completely passed, then a D and C needs to be done. You should be seen for follow up to make sure the uterus has completely expelled the pregnancy. This can easily be done by checking an ultrasound and/or a urine pregnancy test or blood pregnancy hormone test. Sometimes a repeat dose of medication is given if clinically appropriate.
If the products are retained or there is heavy bleeding.
Not unless all the products of conception have not expelled completely