Acupuncturist Questions Hair Loss

Can acupuncture really help with hair loss?

I struggle with hair loss, and I just read that acupuncture might help stimulate my hair's growth. Can acupuncture really help?

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Acupuncture may help with hair loss depending on the reason for the hair loss. We would have to see you and ask a series of questions to better understand your pattern.
Yes, acupuncture can help with hair loss. My wife had a sudden loss of hair in one spot. The western doctor looked at her and said sorry, but that is probably permanent and if it grows back it will probably be grey. So, throwing those comments out the window, my wife used acupuncture, nutrition and sound therapy to promote hair growth. Specifically, she used a 7-star hammer twice a day to tap on her scalp for about 10 minutes a session. Today, her hair has grown back with deep red curls. The western doctor is at a loss for words when they see each other.
Don't give up and don't despair, our bodies are quite adaptable and regenerative given the right impulse you can regrow your hair.

John Holt, LAc DOM
There are many reasons that can cause hair loss. Your acupuncturist can determine the main root that's causing hair loss. Once you find a source, acupuncture treatment is very helpful.
Yes. It is better to combine acupuncture and herbs for hair loss.
Acupuncture for hair loss would not be the first choice. Chinese herbal supplements would be more practical, because most of hair loss are related to malnutrition or aging. Hair loss due to stress or other emotional factors, acupuncture should be combined, since acupuncture is good for releasing stress and balancing emotional attackes.
It is difficult
Some patients respond well to acupuncture for hair growth.
It may help but there are more effective ways used in our center like Plasma-current.
Yes, and the provider needs to find the cause and treat it accordingly.
Most people in your situation find acupuncture to be beneficial. I would need to see the patient first and give a whole body system comprehensive exam because typically, hair loss is a symptom of something else.
Good afternoon,

Thank you for your interest in acupuncture. Acupuncture brings the body into balance thus enabling the body to heal itself in whatever manner necessary. As far as hair loss, acupuncture helps in some situations. There are many variables involved in hair loss. We have had success with some and not with others. It depends on the cause of the hair loss and what is going
Yes it does help. We also have to find why you are having hair loss, get to the root cause. Acupuncture is a great circulatory treatment and brings blood flow to your scalp for nourishment, herbs can help too.
Thank you for your inquiry.
While we do have techniques with placement of needles to help stimulate more circulation and blood flow to the scalp, it is my professional opinion that utilizing the high qualities of
herbal medicine in conjunction with acupuncture treatments offers the best results.


Leanne Mitchell Dipl. L.Ac, MAOM, LMT, ES
Yes, acupuncture can help hair loss. There are many types of hair loss.
I've seen some studies showing acupuncture being effective in hair loss. Cosmetic acupuncture is not an area I work in personally, so I can't provide any first hand experience.

I'd suggest looking for a certified acupuncturist who has either worked with hair loss or does a lot of cosmetic work.
Yes. Usually, it's because a deficiency of the essence. We have a protocol for that including Chinese herbs.
Sure! For example, when person get stressed, some people happen their hair loss. Through the acupuncture, we can help reduce stress, protect to hair loss.
Not easy and I normally teach patients to do something at home, which may achieve as good results as any acupuncturist has to offer.
Yes and no.
Hair loss is not only an indicator of aging, it tells that circulation is limited in the scalp and over the whole body. Also that "kidney energy" or adrenal insufficiency is accelerating due to stressful life and toxins coming from food and air.
Acupuncture and Chinese medicine herbal formulas address all of these concerns, changing/improving the health profile of anyone. It is a process, it does not happen quickly nor will it fully recover deteriorating systems, but it always helps. 

James F. Jones
Yes, but only as an adjunct therapy to support an herbal remedy which will include the chinese herb Shou Wu (or He Shou Wu)
Hair loss can be a symptom of a variety of conditions including stress. Stress and many other conditions can create an imbalance or disharmony in the body resulting in hair loss. Acupuncture can treat the imbalances and harmonize the internal organs which can (in the process) stimulate hair growth. In addition to acupuncture treatment, herbal formulas may also be an adjunct to the treatment to improve the condition. Contact a licensed Acupuncture Physician in your area who may be able to help you. Good Luck
Yes, it is possible. Rigorous acupuncture and herbs are the usual treatment protocol. Nutrition and gut health is another thing we look at. At the very least you will feel better overall with your sessions.
Yes it can help but wirks best with combination herbal therapies and what i find also works great is to massage
black seed oil into the scalp daily
There are different reasons for hair loss. When it is stress related than acupuncture can help reduce the stress and stop the hair loss.
More so then acupuncture, herbs can be very helpful.
If you lost the entire hair due to Rx treatment or illness, we restore the functions of the body; hair will re-grow. If it is caused by a genetic reason, sorry. It lost patches due to stress or illness, yes, I have successfully treated a few.
Yes, but I recommend you also take herbs that nourish your blood to speed up the process. Talk to acupunturist about it. They’ll know what to give you
Yes, there is a type of treatment for the scalp that has been shown to stimulate the follicles using a plum blossom needle and special delicate tapping.
Acupuncture can help with hair loss by strenthening the kidneys and liver meridians, according to channel pathology in Chinese Medicine. Their are some excellent natural Chinese herbal remedies that stimulate hair growth, however, you cannot take these if you are pregnant. Best of luck
I would certainly give it a try - acupuncture is such an ancient form of medicine that there's very little it cannot affect with the right knowledge! You might call the acupuncturists in your area and ask if they've had luck stimulating hair growth. We all have our strengths and specialties, and you might find someone near you who can help with this.
This is a great question. Acupuncture treatment supports the hair follicle growing by tonify kidney energy.
If patient's hair follicle already dead, the result will be limited.

The early get treatment to prevent hair loss is better.

Hope I answer your question

have a great one

Jonathan Fang
Inserting Acupuncture needels stimulate the scalp by bringing blood and Chi to the surface. Scalp massage helps as well. Please consult with your doctor to see the main cause of your hair loss. Diet and exercise also important. Reduce your stress level. Check your thyroid TSH and FreeT4.
If your Hair loss is caused by genetics pre-disposition then acupuncture cannot help you. There are certain conditions where acupuncture can help is with Vitiligo, hairloss due to hormonal changes, stress...
Yes it actually can. The needles, placed in the head, as well as other parts of the body, will create a healthier circulation of blood to the hair follicles, resulting in more hair growth. The health of your hair is directly connected to the quality of your blood, and the quality of your blood is enhanced by the food you eat. Make sure to incorporate blood building foods, such as high quality, grass fed red meat, cooked dark leafy greens, beets, seaweed and berries into your diet as well.
Acupuncture can help in tonifying your system in hopes of preventing future hair loss. As far as regrowing lost hair there is not a lot to support this at this time. This is of course dependent upon what the root cause of hair loss is.
Yes. Acupuncture can help strengthen and thicken the hair you have while also stimulating hair growth,
I personally have never seen acupuncture work for hair loss directly for people who have genetic balding issues. But acupuncture does help nourish the blood flow and help skin and regulate hormones, etc. So, if the hair loss is a spotting issue or stress related issue or from conditions that are not primarily genetic then it can be helpful.
Hi there. To answer the question i will need more information like age, sex, past/present medical history, family history, duration and progression of occuring problem. Acupuncture is holistic medicine and even small detail matters to see the whole picture. In general if the hair loss is due to mild anemia or postpartum (in ladies) it could be really helpful. Nonetheless if we are talking about male age 50+ the only thing that acupuncture would be able to do is significantly slow down the process of hair loss. Hope i was able to answer your question.
Yes, Acupuncture can help more circulation and energy flow to scalp ,more oxygen and nutrition to hair follicles.
Yes. Hair loss could be treated by acupuncture along or with Chinese herbal formula.
Yes. Acupuncture can help hair loss.

Acupuncture can stimulate hair follicle, make meridian dredge, accelerate scalp blood circulation, increase metabolism, promote hair growth.

There may be different reasons for specific hair loss, and the solution may not be the same.So we can chose different meridian to help it from root.

Yes, by stimulating the scalp and by rebalancing the internship environment that’s leading up to hair loss.
Yes, it works very good. It requires quite a few treatments, anyway from 10 to 20 treatments or more. It depends on your age and condition.
Topical acupuncture on the scalp might help but it needs a lot of needles. We usually use herbal medication and acupuncture to treat underlying condition of your hair loss.