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Is it advisable to take acupuncture treatment along with normal medication?

I am on medication for hypertension. I want to know if it is advisable to take acupuncture treatment along with these medicines. Does it pose a risk?

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There are few contraindications to acupuncture, and none from interactions with medication, so the short answer is--no, there is no risk from interaction with hypertensive drugs. In fact, you may find that you can, with your doctor's agreement and being consulted, of course, choose to treat your hypertension with acupuncture instead of medication. But that is a decision for you and your doctor to make, not me. People don't often come to see me for hypertension though... even though I have seen it work. If you decide to tray acupuncture, make sure you start with a fully trained acupuncturist (not an MD or Chiropractor that did minimal hours of training to get a license).
Acupuncture can help the body process and use western meds better and may result in your needing lower doses of them. You should be in contact with your western doc to monitor your blood pressure and make any adjustments as your go along.
As an L.Ac., I treat many patients with hypertension. I have observed that it takes about 1 year before the hypertension is controlled with only acupuncture, sometimes 2 years, depending on the length of time that you have been taking anti-hypertensives and depending if you are taking more than one anti-hypertensive. The effects of acupuncture can be immediate after the treatment, but the hypertension will soon return a few hours after the acupuncture treatment, therefore, most patients that are sensitive to acupuncture may be advised to take their anti-hypertensive medications later in the day if they are coming for an acupuncture treatment in the morning. I am also an RN (BSN) and will check blood pressure before and after the treatment, if you are coming for treatment of HTN.
Acupuncture helps regulate your normal functions. The only thing I would consider a risk is if it helps so well your medication isn't needed and you go too low. Prescribing herbs would be where we might have more of a risk. Acupuncture, not as much.
Yes. You can take your normal medication along with acupuncture treatments. Just tell your doctor or acupuncturist which medication you are taking. There may be some points that they will need to avoid while you are on your medication.
It's safe. You don't need to worry
Yes, it is absolutely advisable for you to receive acupuncture treatment for hypertension. There is no risk associated with acupuncture as part of your current treatment.
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Acupuncture is surely highly effective for hypertension, but it should be known that acupuncture can both decrease and increase blood pressure, depending on the treatment. So, while it is perfectly safe to have acupuncture treatments in conjunction with hypertension medication, the acupuncturist should be made aware of hypertension before the treatment commences.
Because acupuncture can cause your blood pressure to drop, you would want to make sure it was not too low before going in for treatment. Any side-effects would be only temporary though.
It does not interfere with meds. It works well on increasing health. Studies have shown that it increases circulation and modulates inflammation.
No risk. It is fine to combine acupuncture treatment with your regular medicine for your hypertension. It may reduce the use of your regular medication in the future, or slow down the progression of your hypertension.
Acupuncture will not contradict your meds, but be careful with Chinese herbs and any supplements that come over the counter, because something as simple as St. Johns Wart or ibuprofren can have severe interactions.

This is a great question that usually people take medicine to control their hypertension with for the rest of their lives. I do see people getting better or who don't need to take medicine after long-term acupuncture treatments. The difference is acupuncture tries to treat the root of the health issue. By doing so, the body recovers.

My answer for you is YES, it is safe to get treatment with medication, but for the long-term, you might recheck with your doctor to adjust your medicine.

If you are taking herbs, this needs to be more discussed due to the same effect in the body. Please check with an herbalist about that.

Hope you are feeling better sooner.

Huan Wen Jonathan Fang
It is not a problem to have acupuncture while on medication for hypertension. However, it is wise to be cautious when a person is on blood-thinning medications as there could be some minor bleeding at points when the needles are withdrawn.
You can absolutely receive Acupuncture while on hypertension medication. There is no conflict whatsoever.
Yes. More better!!!

Thank you for your question. Acupuncture can be done in lieu of medication, and often times it is actually working to balance what the medication if for. Thus, it is often a great idea to do alongside medicines and should not have any adverse effect when done correctly.

Also, when done correctly (and this is an important aspect), acupuncture can be very beneficial to help lower hypertension, as well as get to the root cause.

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It is perfectly safe to receive acupuncture treatments while on any medications. The only type of medication that can cause some complications are blood thinners because acupuncture can cause bruising.
There are no interactions between hypertension medication and acupuncture. It is safe.

Alexandre Hillairet, DAOM.
Let your primary care doctor know what additional treatments you are undergoing for any medical condition, whether it be acupuncture, chiropractic care, or dietary changes and supplements, etc. If your acupuncturist is knowledgeable, well-trained, and licensed, they should be able to help you with balancing your overall health and therefore may help with blood pressure.

As an added suggestion, it has been found that doing particular types of deep breathing exercises on a daily basis can help lower blood pressure. It may be helpful to find someone skilled, trained, and certified in breathing exercises that can help with your overall health.

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You can absolutely still get acupuncture treatment while on meds for hypertension, and in fact, many people have been able to come off of their meds with regular acupuncture.
I would absolutely recommend that you get acupuncture for your hypertension, even when you're taking medications. Acupuncture can often help lower the hypertension, allowing you to work with your doctor to lower your meds. No risks whatsoever!
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The only risk in getting acupuncture with your hypertension drugs is that you won't need as much of the drugs soon. I treat hypertension, and results should start coming after the first or second treatment. Not only do I recommend acupuncture, I also recommend herbal medicine along with your pharma prescription. Understand that they can help each other work better, not oppose each other.
Yes, you can have acupuncture with medication. There is no risk at all when the acupuncturist is an OMD (has received both Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine training).

It's alright to do acupuncture treatment with any medication.


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We never tell patients to stop medication. Although as we do Acupuncture, the need of some medicine goes down and we suggest the patient check with their doctor to adjust the dosage. But to answer your question, there is no problem using medicine when you're doing Acupuncture.
There is no contraindication to acupuncture and HBP medication. If anything you may find that the acupuncture helps to reduce the BP which mean that you may need to lower your dosage
Hello. There is no risk to take acupuncture treatment while on medication as long as the Dr knows what he/she is doing.
There is no contradiction to combine both
I don't see any issues in getting acupuncture treatments while you are on hypertension medicine. I don't advise taking herbal medicine while you are on hypertension medicine.

Acupuncture has been shown in several studies to at least match certain kinds of drug in lowering blood pressure. The risk would lie in lowering your pressure too much.

I do quite a bit of work with hypertensive patients and I prefer to make sure their doctor is aware we're adding acupuncture. This way the drug dose can be adjusted as necessary while acupuncture treatment progresses.

As long as your doctor is aware you're using acupuncture, your acupuncturist is aware of the prescription drugs you're taking and everyone is monitoring your blood pressure, you should be just fine.
Acupuncture works both on the sympathetic nervous system and the parasympathetic nervous system. It is beneficial to incorporate acupuncture alongside medications to maintain a normal blood pressure. There are also Chinese herbs that can actually reduce blood pressure
yes, but you need to inform the provider
Acupuncture will not interfere with your medications, but it could reduce your needs for them. So, stay in contact with the prescribing doctor if the medications start to appear "too strong". Also let your Dr. know that you are getting the treatments to help your condition, so they are aware of the need to monitor.
Acupuncture triggers the recipient's brain (animal and human) to release natural substances to "balance" the internal problems in the body. Pharmaceutical substances are usually synthetic delivering via the mouth, bloodstream or rectal to intervene in the internal illness.
First of all, this is no risk to take acupuncture treatment along with these medicine.
Acupuncture treatment can actually help to maintain the blood pressure by balancing the body. In Chinese medicine, we consider hypertension is imbalance between yin and yang of liver and kidney. Acupuncture can balance it by stimulate certain points, also release the stress or emotional reasons that may elevated the blood press.
There is no risk involved with acupuncture treatments if you are taking hypertension medication. Acupuncture will regulate your blood pressure whether it is high or low. With time, your doctor may be able to decrease the frequency and strength of the medication.
There is no risk of combining Acupuncture with medication use. In fact, it lowers the risk of heart disease, improves circulation, improves mood, energy, stamina and overall quality of life
It is totally fine to get acupuncture treatments while taking your blood pressure medication. Your medication will not interfere with the process of the ttreatment. I would caution you however, to keep a check on your blood pressure during that time. Acupuncture works by balancing the body, reduces stress and promote relaxation. So pay attention to your blood pressure since the treatment may stabilized the blood pressure as well. Find an Acupuncture Physician in your area and get started soon!
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