Acupuncturist Questions Chronic Bronchitis

Is there a treatment for bronchitis in acupuncture?

My son is suffering from bronchitis, which he gets chronically, and we are giving him the best possible treatment. The medications are working, and he's almost done with his steroids for this bout. But, because he has chronic bronchitis, we know that it's just going to come back. Would acupuncture help?

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Yes, however, for chronic bronchitis, I would recommended both acupuncture treatment and herbal treatment
Yes, acupuncture, herbs, and qigong movements can help. Also boost his immune system so that the bronchitis does not return
There are extensive sources online.
Chinese medicine is best when used preventatively. In between bouts, I highly recommend getting acuoincture and supporting with Chinese herbs to counteract the medications and steroids that may leave your son depleted , imbalanced and susceptible for reoccurring episodes. Children respond quicker than adults and there are several treatments that are helpful besides needling. Find someone who specializes in pediatrics.
Absolutely. It helps in strengthening his system so he doesn't tend to allow what for others are short bouts of infection to linger and become bronchitis. Also--and while I want to state first and very emphatically, I am not a doctor, and not authorized or licensed to give medical advice about prescription drugs--you have to look at what the medications are doing to your son. Steroids tend to suppress the immune system and leave him vulnerable to further infection, as a listed side effect for most. Medications, when functioning at their best, only turn off symptoms and rarely address the root cause of illness/dis-ease or symptoms. Acupuncture (and Chinese herbal medicine) does not have this issue, as at worst he may just not respond to it. In my experience though, children respond very well and very rapidly to treatment. I hope this answers your question and helps!
Absolutely. Acupuncture, diet, and herbs can keep your son healthy.
Acupuncture has an effect on chronic bronchitis. If you cooperate with traditional Chinese medicine, it will be better.

Bronchitis is a challenging condition. With oriental medicine, the most important thing is getting the proper diagnosis regarding the client's constitution and nature of their disease. Use pulse assessment, blood pressure, heart rate, temperature and ear assessment to get to that point. We need to differentiate between excess and deficient conditions or even conflicting signs to determine the best herbal mix to address this condition. Acupuncture can be supplemental, but herbal medicine is primary.

Be well,

Charlie Sciutto, Lac.

In this situation acupuncture would not cure the bronchitis, but it very much could help strengthen the lungs and - very importantly- your son’s immune system. In the big picture, this would mean fewer and/or reduced severity of bronchitis bouts. Additionally, there are smaller details (such as stress relief and digestive improvement) that would give supplemental support to his body and mind as well.

I would imagine any improvement to be a relief for you all, chronic situations can be so tough! I would definitely recommend trying. Remember, acupuncture is a therapy, and especially for chronic situations, you will most likely need ongoing sessions, at least until improvements build up and can be seen for long stints of time.

Thank you for your question.
Yes, acupuncture can help by improving his Wei Qi or Defensive Qi so his body will be able to resist pathogens in the future.
I'm sorry that your son is experiencing this and I'm happy to hear that medications are helpful for him. In Chinese medicine, what we would call bronchitis, can come from a variety of "root causes". Each one would have a different treatment strategy and success rates vary by person, as expected.

Since this is a chronic issue, it would be wise to find a practitioner you trust who can help in the times of large flare-ups as well as maintain so that flare ups are less common and less intense. This, again, would depend on the type of bronchitis diagnosed. Herbs could be a good choice for maintenance of symptoms and a good practitioner can also advise with dietary suggestions for both maintaining health and for prevention of flare ups due to seasonal issues or other reasons.

So, yes, acupuncture can help, but the strategies will all depend on how the condition is differentially diagnosed. I wish your son a long healthy life.
Bronchitis is VERY treatable ~ I work with the whole person, spirit, mind and body in an effort to empower changes in often times diet and stress levels that contribute to imbalances.
I am happy to hear that your son is doing better now. Yes, acupuncture can help to boost his immune system. Each time he has bronchitis, it weakens the lungs and makes him more susceptible to contracting the disease again. In Chinese medicine, emotions such as sadness and grief are also factors that affect the lung's Qi (chi). This creates a blockage in the system and can cause recurrent problems with the lungs. A licensed acupuncture physician can help with finding the root cause of the problem and help to restore the proper functions of the body resulting in an improved immune system. In the meantime, breathing exercises can also help the lungs.

Thanks for your question and good luck!
Acupuncture would stimulate his immune system to treat the symptoms. Chronic bronchitis is a reoccurrence of an original infective process.
His immune system is no longer able to contain it and he gets sick again. The best treat would be a combination between acupuncture and herbs to get rid of the original infection.
Yes, Acupuncture can effectively address the root cause of the chronic bronchitis, to eventually lessen the severity of the flare-ups, and help to advise in small lifestyle changes that would also have a dramatic effect. In addition to acupuncture, there are herbal formulas to address this condition as well, so that the steroids may not be necessary in the future.
Yes. Chinese Medicine is better at prevention than "western" medicine. We build up the body where it is weak. We do this using acupuncture and herbs and dietary changes. The bronchitis keeps coming back because the weakness is never addressed. Please seek out a TCM practitioner now to build up his immunity while the weather is warm so he will be ready for the cold season.
Because the condition is chronic, I would absolutely try the acupuncture to build up lung function and the the immune system to prevent it from occurring every year. It is great that you have a treatment plan that works when you need it but it would be even better if you could find some answers as to why this keeps coming back. These are the principles of Chinese medicine...shedding light on why these things are happening and understanding that every body is different with different needs, dietary choices, etc...Plus, from my experience, children love the acupuncture to help calm and de-stress the body. The children I treat tell their parents when it is time to come see me :)
How old is your son? Most children do not like acupuncture. You can chose cupping, herbs, or acupressure instead. It is best if your son can do acupuncture, though. The treatment will improve the immune system and make the lungs strong to prevent the symptoms from coming back. Chronic disease needs longer time.
Yes, acupuncture can boost lung energy and immune system.
Absolutely. Acupuncture can work to treat the bronchitis and the symptoms but also prevent it from happening in the future. If flare ups do occur, the symptoms are usually less intense with acupuncture.
Since he has reoccurring bronchitis, we need to find the root cause and this is what traditional Chinese medicine/acupuncture can help with, as well as analyzing his diet, environment, and looking into some anti-inflammatory herbs/supplements. Yes, children respond really quickly to acupuncture!
First of all, I am sorry that your son has to suffer from chronic bronchitis. Acupuncture and herbs can support his lung function and boost his immune system, which prevents the bronchitis from coming back.

Hope this information helps,

Huan Wen Fang
I will suggest a combination of acupuncture and cupping for chronic bronchitis. Cupping will help the lungs to clear up and detox.

Acupuncture and Chinese medicine will absolutely treat bronchitis successfully. Not only will the symptoms be addressed, the underlying causes of the bronchitis will be treated, healing the body, strengthening the immune system to prevent further attacks, and at the same time calm the emotions and reset the brain from fight-or-flight to relaxation/healing mode. All internal organ systems' functions will be enhanced, sleep improved and emotions calmed. Hope you will look into acupuncture and Chinese medicine as it is an excellent modality to help heal your son.
Thank you for your interest, Mari
Yes, acupuncture would be a very good treatment for bronchitis.
Yes. Bronchitis and other similar conditions are related to phlegm in Chinese medicine. Causes are bad diet and deficiency of Qi of the spleen. Acupuncture will tonify the spleen and also get rid of phlegm.
Yes, acupuncture can do wonders for bronchitis. This last winter our clinic was flooded with patients suffering with bronchitis, pneumonia, colds and flu who received our help with acupuncture treatments
Acupuncture will most definitely help him get over AND keep him from getting bronchitis in the future. There are also herbs that a practitioner will prescribe to help him get and stay healthy. If you see your acupuncturist regularly and follow their instructions, it is very, very effective for this sort of thing.