Acupuncturist Questions Menopause

I am having a lot of stress due to menopause and I am unable to sleep soundly. Should I go for acupuncture treatment?

I am having severe stress and sleeplessness due to my menopause. Will acupuncture treatment help me out at all? I'm trying to explore all of my options.

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Yes. We are not raised culturally to listen to our bodies growing up and when middle age hits, we start seeing the results from ignoring them. Menopause does not have to be torturous. Acupuncture and Chinese herbs can help tremendously.
Yes, ma'am. Acupuncture is an excellent tool to aid in menopause relief.
Acupuncture is great at treating menopausal symptoms, including insomnia.
Treatment with acupuncture helps.
Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine may help to lower your stress level and improve your sleep. I suggest visiting a Licensed Acupuncturist who specializes in women's health to help with your menopausal symptoms.
Absolutely! Acupuncture is great for balancing out hormones, especially during menopause. We have had much success treating symptoms relating to menopause such as hot flashes, night sweating and insomnia.
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Yes, acupuncture can help the sleeping condition based on balanced yin and yang energy in your body, and acupuncture can also help the menopause symptom, too.
There are extensive sources online.
Yes and yes. Sleep disturbance is another area wher acupuncture excels. Due to hormonal shifts , sleep trouble is a common complaint of peri menopausal women. Chinese herbs and acupuncture have less side effects and lasting results.
I have seen great changes for patients experiencing hot flashes and irritability, as well as insomnia from menopause from treatment. I would say yes, it should help you very much. Sometimes it can take a long course of treatment though depending on if there is a deficiency at the root causing the symptoms, which is common. Good luck!
Yes. Acupuncture and herbs are far superior to treating women's issues when compared to western medicine.
Yes. Chinese medicine is a great way to get the body back to balance especially when we use herbs and supplements to support the change.
Stress or emotional changes are part of hormonal changes for people during menopause. The symptoms present more among females than males. We usually regulate your hormonal levels via needling + herbal medicine together. However, some people only need a few needles. Each patient is different.

Dr. Daisy Dong
Yes, try it.
It can certainly help your body regulate the imbalances caused from hormonal activity at this time. The practitioner may also suggest herbal remedies or food based solutions to your problems.
Acupuncture can help you reduce your physical stress and calm your body. I have observed in my clinical practice that menopause symptoms are worsen by stress. Reducing your stress will provide a reduction of your symptoms. Acupuncture and herbal medicine can also provide treatments for menopause symptoms. Talk to your doctor of Oriental Medicine; he or she should be able to help you with your condition. I will also recommend to evaluate your diet and introduce an exercise routine to your schedule.

Alexandre Hillairet, DAOM.
Certainly, acupuncture is a wonderful treatment to recalibrate your body’s homeostasis. Furthermore, there are great herbal formulas that can help reduce stress and encourage healthy sleep. Due to menopause you are experiencing hormonal changes that can be addressed through these modalities.
Yes, acupuncture works very well for menopause, both to relieve stress and balance your hormones. Also, there is an herbal formula, Zhi Bai Di Huang, that is used for menopause symptoms such as hot flashes. I hope this is helpful for you.

John Holt, LAc, Dipl, OM
Yes, acupuncture can improve your sleep.
The answer to your question is Yes indeed! Acupuncture works very well for many conditions including menopause, stress and insomnia all the things you stated you are experiencing. Definitely include acupuncture as your first treatment option. The symptoms you mention clearly indicates some changes and disharmony within your system creating havoc internally. Acupuncture is a safe, natural and less invasive modality that can help to bring the body back to balance resulting in stress reduction and improved sleep. Find a licensed Acupuncture Physician in your area and get started with resolving these issues so you can get some rest! Wishing you all the best.
Sorry, to hear about how distressing your symptoms are. Acupuncture maybe a very helpful adjunct for symptom relief. The higher level of training and experience an acupuncturist has is important as with any care.

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Yes, acupuncture can significantly reduce stress and help you sleep, just find a local acupuncture practitioner for help.
Yes, acupuncture will probably help you. Acupuncture and oriental medicine are good, in general, for a wide variety of conditions. There are, however, a few places where acupuncture really shines and you're asking about 2 of them: stress and insomnia/sleeplessness. Multiple studies have shown acupuncture to be superior to most drug therapies for insomnia. When it comes to stress management, there are some things you can do on your own: exercise and meditation. Adding acupuncture to those approaches will often calm things down pretty quickly. Menopause is also something acupuncturists often help folks manage - particularly hot flashes/night sweats.


Jeff Rippey, L.Ac.
Yes, definitely try acupuncture. It should help.
Yes, acupuncture and Chinese herbs are highly recommended for women going through menopause. The treatments assist with the symptoms of menopause as a whole, which in turn eases stress and helps with restful sleep.

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Aleksandra Dianova, L.Ac.

Acupuncture can help you with stress due to menopause and any other issues. But, you should find an acupuncturist who has more experiences to treat with these symptoms in the past. Please visit<> for more information.

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Dr. Hui (Grace) Gao L.Ac., T. C. M. D.
In Chinese medicine, menopausal symptoms are seen as shifts in kidney, liver and blood status. Several herbal formulations can help restore balance and alleviate the symptoms. Acupuncture can assist and promote deep relaxation and sleep as well. In my practice, women tell me the treatments are paramount in dealing with theses issues.
Acupuncture helps calm the Spirit allowing more appropriate responses to stressful conditions including menopause. Dietary improvements along with exercise are components of Acupuncture therapy that we offer at Acupuncture POINTS. In a word, yes! Most folks respond very favorable a series of acupuncture treatments.
There is a high likelihood that acupuncture could help you. It has a very calming effect on the body, and there are specific treatments for insomnia in traditional Chinese medicine.

Glenn R. Williams, D.C., L.Ac.

Absolutely, Acu treatment can regulate hormonal system so you will not be stressed out furthermore if you go to an acu who is a specialist in woman health you will forget any menopausal signs and symptoms. The treatment protocol will include hormonal and nervous system regulation and proper communication between these two. Hence you will not be constantly in the "fight or flight" state. Furthermore, you will notice the benefit in terms of your work (more energized) and everyday life related issues as well as letting things go more easily.
Acupuncture is very good for both stress and menopause, so it is worth trying.
Yes, Acupuncture can release the stress and pain.
Yes, acupuncture can release your stress by liver meridian and balance hormones decreased by kidney meridian.
Yes. I have extensive experience with both menopause and insomnia.


Amy Gendron, AP
Absolutely, acupuncture can be very effective at reducing the symptoms of menopause, as well as improving sleep. I highly suggest you try it!

It would be our pleasure to help you. Acupuncture is part of Traditional Chinese Medicine. We work to treat imbalances in your body that may or may not show up with physical tests. It sounds like you have a lot of heat -inflammation- in your body which causes anxiety, frustration, insomnia and even night sweats. we will work to nourish your body and cool you down from the inside. Acupuncture is simply giving your body the tools it needs to heal itself.

Yes, acupuncture will be perfect to support your process of menopause including restless sleep, night sweats, hot flashes, etc.

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Jonathan Fang
Acupuncture may very well help you to take care of this problem ,as well as finding a good acupuncturist who has enough experience.
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Thank you for your inquiry. It is our pleasure to help you attain your optimal health.
Many of our patients see us for stress, insomnia and menopause symptoms. Acupuncture brings the body back into balance, thus enabling it to heal itself. Each person is an individual, thus the effect for each is different. There are many variables from age to physical condition which determine how fast the treatment balances the body.
Yes, absolutely! Acupuncture treatments help you. During menopausal hot flushes and night sweats, we treat women for severe "Yin Deficiency" via Acupoints which Nourish Yin as well as provide Chinese herbal medicine and Chinese food therapies too!
It will help
Acupuncture and herbal medicine can mitigate many signs and symptoms of menopause including stress, hot flashes and vaginal dryness and insomnia.

Mike Berkley, L.Ac, FABORM
Acupuncture helps to regulate the hormones, as well as the overall body temperature (for example ‘releasing’ some of the heat felt in hot-flashes and during night sweats). These two aspects alone will be very helpful for giving you better sleep.

Additionally, acupuncture is very good with relieving stress and regulating emotions, which will give excellent support to your body and mind during this transition time. Stay in tune with your body- it is speaking volumes right now. Pay attention and you will ultimately be able to tell what helps and hurts. Thank you for your question.
Yes, I have helped clients with stress and anxiety due to menopause using acupuncture.
I've helped a lot of patients who have problems associated with menopause and most of them have seen quick improvement. I strongly recommend that you give Acupuncture a try.
Acupuncture treatment is great to reduce stress and insomnia. Combination of good treatments, lifestyle change, yoga and meditation will do wonders.
Yes. Menopause is due to a deficiency of Yin in chinese medicine. This deficiency can cause the symptoms you just mentioned. Also I will add some chinese herbs to the treatment !!!
Yes. Acupuncture will help your sleep, stress...But, it's not enough only to use needles. We would do needles and moxa and some other treatments.
Yes, acupuncture can help pre-menpause syndrome and menopause syndrome. Acupuncture can adjust the hormones thus make patients sleep better, less irritable and less hot flush.
Acupuncture can balance your hormones to reduce the negative symptoms of menopause such as hot flashes, night sweats, anxiety and irritability. Acupuncture can also balance your nervous system so you can sleep soundly. Too often with our fast paced lifestyle, we are keyed into our sympathetic nervous system or fight and flight syndrome. Acupuncture helps you tap into your parasympathetic nervous system or relaxation response.
Absolutely. We can work with both the stress and the menopause to improve sleep and alleviate other associated symptoms.
Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese medicine can offer some relief to natural changes of maturation of our cycles. Every person is different & this becomes a tool to address those differences.
Acupuncture is undeniably recognized for treating pain and anxiety/sleep thru studies. I have even had success treating PTSD patients; relief may not be immediate but over time everything will balance out.
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It will help you a lot.