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How long does acupuncture treatment usually last?

If I start with acupuncture treatment for migraine, how long will it ideally take for the treatment to be effective? Is it something that will be ongoing?

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Hi, I'm Dr. Howard. The migraine symptoms suffering from chronic headache. The patients depends on their symptoms. The usual acupuncture treatments will treat 10-12 sessions during 3 months. The best things: Patients keep their diet and right habits and exercise. Thank you.

Usually two to six sessions depending on your duration, timing, severity, quality, and context.
This is a great question and most people have this concern.

The answer for how long will it take for a treatment to be effective is it depends on each individual. Some people response right away in the section of treatment, some may take couple visits. If you have been an acupuncturist and get treatment more than 6 visits and there are no signs of any changes at all. I will suggest to seek for another acupuncturist. It simple means this practitioner is mot best to suit your need.

Will it be ongoing? The answer for this is it should not. when you restore your energy and take good care of it. You no longer need acupuncture treatments.

Some people keep treatment for maintenance. To keep their energy is good way. if you don't want to continue during this period of time. It is still okay.

Hope i answer your questions.

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Jonathan Fang
Usually we suggest at least 5-10 sessions for resolving the problem completely (speaking of healthy individual overall), however the amount of treatmenys varies on case by case situation ( depending on underlining conditions in other words, what causes the migrane in each paticular case) Sometime single treatment could resolve problem. It doesn't have to be ongoing as long as your acupuncturist knows what he/she is doing.
I recommend 4 sessions back to back, then once a month to maintain. Also recommend dietary changes. No sugar, less stress, exercise, no dairy, more vegetables, less meat or no meat diet, sleep 8 hours or more, meditation and yoga.
Migraine can be treated with acupuncture and we have a lot of success with our treatments. The goal of our therapy is to find the cause of the migraine and provide permanent relief. Acupuncture has a cumulative effect and the response is going to be based on the individual.
Some patients respond quicker than others, but I like to say, generally the longer you’ve had a condition, the longer it will take to correct it. Migraines generally will require a longer course of treatment.
Typically, the longer a condition has been in existence, the longer it takes to see results. However, acupuncture isn't a life sentence. It may take some time before your condition completely heals but once it does, there is no need to continue treatments. Most do continue, though, to work on other conditions or to use it as preventative medicine.
It's hard to say how many treatments might be required. Different people respond in different ways, different practitioners have different approaches to the same problem. There are a lot of variables in play.

Generally, for pain/headache, I tell folks they're looking at 5-7 treatments. After that, we generally start spacing things out until we hit some optimal interval that leaves the patient with sufficient relief. I've had patients with intervals as long as every 6 months and as short as monthly. The idea is that we find some space where the patient doesn't have to come weekly.

If the practitioner you're thinking of seeing offers a free consult, I highly recommend starting there. This will give you a chance to feel the person out and see if it's a good match. At some point, the practitioner should be asking about your expectations and giving you some idea of how previous patients with your issue have fared under their care.
Migraines are an open ended issue. In my clinic I have had patients who had migraines for a year, got two treatments, and never had a migraine again. Then some need a treatment every six months as maintenance. Then some people, usually those who have had migraines since early childhood and are now middle aged, get slow, gradual results. For these types I will sometimes also use a form of biopuncture to give more results.
There is no standard answer to this question. It would be like asking "if I eat, when will I get hungry again?" or "If I become calm, when will I get stressed again?"

Some people get immediate relief that lasts for months to the rest of their life. Some patients get relief for a few days, some for a few months, some for a few hours. For those that get the more constant returns, if they continue with the treatments it allows the body to continue balancing until the problems become less and less frequent.

Health and wellbeing is never a constant state - it is always a continuous journey. I hope you find relief and I hope you find a good practitioner that will guide you to a long journey of health.
The typical scenario is once or more per week and then less as you find relief from your pain and symptoms. Maintenance is encouraged seasonally at the least. (4-5 times per year when you are stable).
It depends on how long your history, how frequently your migraines happened, .....also depends who gives you acupuncture treatment
Acupuncture treatment is treating what caused the disease not just the symptoms. It is not like talking pain medicine. If find what caused your migraine and treat them. The migraine should be gone and not come back.
It depends on the individual patient. You should not have to be treated indefinitely. As with any condition, should the causative factor be addressed, you should experience lasting relief.
It depends on the source and severity of your migraines. Typically a course of treatment is twice a week for 12-16 weeks and we reevaluate.
Depending on the severity of the condition, 3-5 days. Some cases it’s a 1 treatment fix.
With regard to treating a condition such as migraine, acupuncture has two functions: to reduce or eliminate the pain and discomfort and to reduce severity and incidence of the migraines. As everyone responds to acupuncture in her own individual way, it is not possible to say exactly how quickly an individual will respond. Some respond very quickly, after even a single treatment, while others require a number of treatments before results are seen. In general, once the migraines are under control, patients require periodic maintenance treatments