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Can I go to an acupuncturist to get rid of my abdominal pain?

I am having abdominal pain for the last 2 days due to severe gas and acidity. Do you think an acupuncturist can solve this issue for me?

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Yes, acupuncture is very successful with abdominal pain and bloating.
Yes, acupuncture does very well with stomach issues. It is actually one of the better issues Chinese med helps with. However, if it is Crohn's disease, I have seen it alleviate some symptoms, but unfortunately, it is not a cure and more a band aid when pains surface.
Yes, you should feel relief right after the acupuncture treatment
If the pain is severe, I would make sure to get things checked out by your doctor. Better to rule things out that may be serious before trying the acupuncture. Acupuncture is designed to be a "preventative" form of medicine which means having acupuncture done regularly can prevent some of these things from occurring. However, pain is one of the main reasons people get acupuncture and it works amazing for pain relief. Once you get some relief, I would advise seeking a practitioner that can help you to get to the root of the problem, so that you can prevent future issues.
There are extensive sources online.
Hi, Acupuncture can help a lot with digestive issues such as gas and bloating. And greatly reduces acid reflux. You want to come once a week for a few months for results. Hope that answers your question.
Digestive distress is one common complaint that acupuncture and herbs treat well. So, yes, I've treated a few that found great relief with such complaints.
Yes, if you find a type of acupuncture treatment called NAET, it will greatly help with the gas and acidity. It takes approx. 15 visits.
Yes, it can be helped by acupuncture, but first of all, you need to check with your MD what the cause of the problem is.
Yes acupuncture will help calm the digestion and then I would prescribe digestive supplements to help and then look at what foods you are eating.
You bet! Try to get an appointment right away. In the mean time you might try taking food enzymes with every meal, and a strong course of probiotics. Anyone who has had antibiotics, stress, or been exposed to toxins from the air, soil, or food should be taking probiotics anyway. And anyone with gas or acid reflux or who is over 40 should probably be taking food enzymes because our bodies don't produce them as well or as much as we age.
Yes acupuncture and herbs and nutritional supplementation could definitely help this. There is a great supplement that works wonders on this exact situation.

With a thorough exam and history, we can determine the underlying issue to determine if it can be treated. In some cases such pain would be referred to a specialist.

Dr. Florida
Acupuncture is effective in treating GI disorders.
Acupuncture can relieve abdominal pain, and its curative effect is certain. If the cause of abdominal pain is functional, acupuncture can be cured. If the cause of abdominal pain is organic, acupuncture can relieve pain.
If you have ruled out any major issues that could be the cause of this situation, i.e., dietary choices, internal abnormalities, etc., acupuncture can help regulate the digestion movement and acidity. Your practitioner may also suggest herbal remedies, dietary suggestions or lifestyle choices. Be sure to also check with a western doctor to clear out any serious digestive issues.
The short answer to your question is yes, acupuncture can help with the problem. The acupuncturist will help you figure out what is the cause of your problem and then recommend an appropriate course of action using acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. Maybe even giving you some dos and don'ts on your dietary and nutritional intake.
Hope this helps.

Jeffrey Beimler, L.Ac. MsTCM
The answer to your question is Yes! Abdominal pain and discomfort can be caused by a variety of reasons including stress. All trained and licensed Acupuncture Physician have the ability to perform differential diagnosis to find the root cause of your unique condition. Differential diagnosis is done by asking questions related to lifestyle, and assessing the tongue and pulse in order to get pertinent insight to the state of your internal environment. With this information the physician is able to treat your unique condition, and bring harmony back to your internal environment resulting in relief. Find a licensed Acupuncturist in your area who can assist you with this. Yours in health!

Hope you are feeling better now. There are so many reasons that will cause the abdominal pain. I believe a good acupuncturist can diagnose the cause of your problem and treat it.

With the limited information you have here, it is difficult to answer this question.

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Jonathan Fang
Yes! Absolutely. In Traditional Chinese medicine we have an entire school of thought dedicated to the digestive system. We see this as the engine of your body and if your engine doesn't function properly, the rest of your systems will start to feel the effect. We go over dietary changes that are simple and will explain in detail how Traditional Chinese medicine works.
Yes! The acupuncturist will assess what’s the cause of the pain and help you get rid of it. We use local and distal points that influence the organs involved. I absolutely recommend acupuncture for these symptoms.

Please see your primary doctor to rule out any other more severe organ problems before seeking acupuncture treatment for your best benefit.
Due to the acute nature of your abdominal pain, you may try acupuncture together with herbal supplements to address your Digestive imbalance. A thorough New Patient Intake & Evaluation will uncover the potential root cause of your pain, gas and acidity issue since the "Onset of Illness".
Acupuncture may help this issue. I would likely treat this w/Chinese herbal formula and acupuncture as adjunct therapy. Call the provider ahead of time and ask if they carry herbal remedies in their clinic.

Travis Buckmaster, L.Ac., PC
In the right hands, yes. The expert acupuncturist will diagnose the cause of the abdominal pain first before the treatment. This will determine which internal organs are causing the severe gas, acidity and pain. The superior acupuncturist will not needle your abdomen. Instead they would needle your arms and legs. These are the most effective points for that condition. Acupuncturists have been refining and passing on this knowledge for over two thousand years.
Absolutely. You will be asked several questions to help determine the cause. There is a tried and true acupuncture point prescription for stomach acid.

Abdominal pain originating from gas can usually very much be helped with acupuncture. Additionally, it can help regulate the digestive system and bowels to give good long term effect of keeping the bloating away.

More so, there are also acupuncture protocols to regulate acid and thus reduce and/or eliminate acid reflux or GERD symptoms.

It is definitely worth a try! Always look for a licensed and well-educated practitioner, usually with over 3000 hours of specifically Eastern medicine training.Thank you for your question.
Acupuncture can help with lots of abdominal pain. It is very important to be properly diagnosed and evaluated. Based on the evaluation, one can determine if acupuncture would be the best option or if the condition needs immediate medical attention.

Best of luck.
Yes. The acupuncturist will have the differential diagnosis of what is the cause of your abdominal pain based on Chinese Medicine diagnosis. Then use acupuncture to reduce the acidity and gas.
Yes, we have had experience treating this issue and help clients to relieve pain and reduce acidity using acupuncture.
Acupuncture can help with gas, bloating and abdominal pain with treatment and even herbal remedies for avoiding future occurrences.

Julie Simonton
Sure. Most of the time these symptoms are due to a condition call Stomach Heat. Do you feel hunger every 2 hours? Working in the stomach meridian with acupuncture will help you
You should go see your physician first.
Yes. We work to regulate your digestive system to alleviate symptoms such as pain, nausea, constipation, diarrhea, gas, etc.
There are several acupuncture points on the stomach and some distal points that are great for your condition and food stagnation. Also, a technique called Tuina will help with stomach issues.
This is difficult to answer as I don’t know the cause of the pain. If this is sudden and acute onset, you should consult your physician. If you’ve seen an MD and you’ve been diagnosed with IBS or something else that is not life-threatening I would give acupuncture a try.

Best wishes and good luck,

Mike Berkley, LAc
Acupuncture & traditional Chinese medicine look at your whole body, mind, emotions, & spirit when determining your individual disharmony. So, people can come with the same western diagnosis for stomach pain & all be treated differently. As with any procedure, there is no guarantee of a magic resolution.
Acupuncturists are well trained to uncover and treat the many possible causes of abdominal pain. Because the treatment approach is holistic - meaning it takes into account dietary, lifestyle and possible disease factors - often times the underlying cause of the abdominal pain is corrected, which can result in lessened recurrence rates as well as greater overall health and wellness. If your symptoms are to do with gas and acidity, most likely the pain is coming from disharmony in the digestive system, which affects the functioning of everything in the body. Staying healthy requires a healthy gut - acupuncture, along with other recommendations you would receive if treated by an acupuncturists, is well suited to address these issues.
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I'm sorry to hear that you are currently experiencing pain. Abdominal and GI issues are often helped with acupuncture and herbal medicine. My own success story with traditional Chinese medicine to treat IBS & severe constipation I had as a teenager is what ultimately led me to becoming a DOM. A qualified practitioner will not only administer acupuncture to help resolve the blockage, but they will address any dietary or nutritional deficiencies that could be the root cause of your issue. You may try searching for one that is qualified in functional medicine as well. Even though you are experiencing acidity, it could be low stomach acid that is causing all of this. I complete medical history and a simple at home test for low stomach acid should be utilized to be sure. In the meantime you may try these three acupressure points on yourself for some symptom relief until you can be seen. Apply moderate pressure for a few minutes in rotation until symptoms start to abate or become tolerable.

Please note, I am not affiliated with the above clinic, they just happen to have really clear acupuncture diagrams I use to help people like yourself find the specific point that may bring them relief. Acupressure may not help as much as actual acupuncture, but is certainly worth a try!

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Yes. My patients who seek relief from acidity find that acupuncture really helps them. Acupuncture stimulates the meridians that are connected to the stomach system. This type of stimulation helps balance the Yin/Yang, improves circulation, and gives cells enough oxygen and blood flow to jumpstart the healing.
I have treated patients with similar conditions. One would even frequent the ER but only found lasting relief with acupuncture. Of course get it checked out by your primary first, but I'm certain Chinese medicine can help.
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