Family Practitioner Questions Ankle Injuries and Disorders

My 24 months old son is suffering from ankle clonus since birth. Is it serious?

What is ankle clonus and why does it happen? My son has been having ankle clonus since birth, and it doesn't seem to be settling down even when he has turned 24months old. Is it something that I should be worrying about?

3 Answers

You should consult a pediatric neurologist.
If ankle clonus persists beyond 3 months of age, it may be a sign of neurodevelopmental disorder.
Has this been discussed with his pediatrician? Ankle clonus (involuntary muscle contractions) can be normal in very young children, but generally disappears by 2 months of age. He needs further examination and testing, likely by a neurologist.
Yes it could be serious, need to consult a pediatric doctor.