Orthopaedic Surgeon Questions Spine Injuries And Disorders

Are there any risks involved in my spine surgery?

I am scheduled to have spinal surgery, but I'm heavily diabetic and have issues with hypertension. Are there any risks that I should be aware of?

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There are risks with every surgery. The greatest increase in risk for diabetics is the risk of infection. Well-controlled DM with a normalize A1-C will decrease that risk. Other risks include those associated with the anesthesia itself, blood clot, nerve injury, failure to correct the problem, need for repeat surgery, failure of mechanical device . . .
there are certainly increased risks of infection and healing potential for diabetic patients.  It helps if your diabetes is under control (good hgbA1c and sugar level) at the time of surgery
Yes. You should discuss with your doctor the risk of infection because of your diabetes etc.
Your are at higher risk of wound infection or poor healing in the setting of uncontrolled diabetes.
Multiple risks exist for all surgery, spinal or otherwise.Anesthesia alone has its own set of risks.You must discuss this in detail with your surgeon and have a family member present.

Controlling your glucose will limit complications

These include wound problems and success of procedure

Hypertension being controlled will limit bleeding during and after surgery
Yes. You have a much increased risk of wound infection because of your diabetes. And you have an increase risk with general anesthesia because of your hypertension. I have all of my patients in your situation cleared by a cardiologist and an internist before booking the surgery!
There is a list of risks involved in any surgery. There is as well a list particular to spine surgery and, of course, more in the presence of comorbidities such as diabetes and hypertension. You should discuss all pertinent risks with your spine surgeon as well with the anesthesiologist.