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Are there any sexual positions which can ensure that I conceive?

I am a 32 year old woman. Me and my husband are trying to start our family. Are there any specific sex positions that help more than others?

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There are no good studies that had looked into efficacy of various coital postures with conception to my knowledge. There are a "blog" of individual success stories which had not been scientifically proven.
Not that I know. But stay in the bed for 10-15 minutes after intercourse.
I do not think so. Sexual position does not affect pregnancy, but you should see your ob/gyn for a work-up.
Possibly not
not really. There are no positional advantages.
There are no studies to show that a particular sexual position helps with conceiving. It is a good idea to see your OBGyn for “Pre conception Counseling” before you try to conceive.
Good luck!
Infertility has multiple causes, it can be due to male or female factors, but none of them are related to any sex positions. Infertility can be a very frustrating situation and sometimes very difficult to treat. My best advise is for you AND your husband to go for a gynecologic consultation.

Dr Sanchez
Basically you want gravity to be on your side to allow semen the least resistance. However, standing on your head may be uncomfortable.
The missionary position followed by relaxing for a short time may be helpful.
Many women immediately go to the restroom to clean themselves following intercourse. This should be avoided because you don’t want to wash the sperm away before it has had it’s opportunity to fertilize the egg.
It can normally take up to a year to conceive, but many factors are involved. If you have regular, monthly cycles you should take prenatal vitamins and see your gynecologist if unable to conceive within a year, but if your cycles are irregular you should see your gynecologist now.
After ejaculation, you should lay on your back with a pillow under your hips for 5 -15 minutes before becoming erect. This gives the ejaculated spermicide a chance to swim up your cervical canal.
Not particularly.