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Are braces painful?

My 14-year-old daughter is supposed to get braces later on this year. Are braces painful to have on? I understand that she needs them, but I also want her to be comfortable in them.

2 Answers

Hello, braces will help shift teeth into place and will straighten out a bite. Although patients do experience discomfort, they are often managed easily by patients of all ages. The discomfort will only last a few days and there is no way around it. Thank you for you question.
Orthodontic appliances can be uncomfortable. The degree to which they are uncomfortable depends on how much tooth movement is needed and her individual tolerance to pain. For most children, they will feel mild soreness when the wires are changed for a day or two. Usually this can be controlled with ibuprofen. In our society, the value of having well-aligned teeth usually will outweigh the discomfort that accompanies orthodontic treatment. 

Marc D. Thomas DDS