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Are breast implants safe long-term?

I am a 28 year old female who wants to increase my breast size with implants. Are breast implants safe long-term?

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The FTA has determined that they are. There are of course surgical risks such as infection bleeding and cosmetic problems. There are longer-term problems including scar tissue creating hardness and implant leakage. Long-term use of silicone breast implantsI was thought to be associated with a higher risk of autoimmune disease but studies did not bear this out. textured surface implants have been found to be associated with lymphoma in approximately one in 3000 patients. There are a number of vague illnesses such as depression which have been lumped together into the term breast implant illness. This is rareAnd poorly understood. Implants eventually may leak and need replacement but this is generally not a health concern. The majority of women who have had implants for many years and even a lifetime have done fine but there are those exceptions. The risks should be discussed in detail with your surgeon.
Yes they are extremely safe, both saline and silicone gel. However, do your diligent research and go to a reputable surgeon who uses the right breast implant companies
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With a good brand in the hands of a good surgeon: YES
Yes. There is a new controversy regarding textured-surfaced implants, but smooth-surfaced silicone implants are safe.
Based on the FDA and multiple studies, breast implants, while not without its risks, are safe long term. There are recommendations to replace your implants every 10 years, however, and most surgeons are cautious about placing textured or gummy bear implants. That being said, please speak to a trusted, board-certified surgeon to discuss your options.
This is a very good question but there is no definitive answer. In general implants are very safe and have been used without serious complications for about 40+ years. However, that is not to say that there have not been problems and multiple design changes over the years. Recently some implants have been associated with a very rare type of lymphoma and like any device there is always a small group of patients with symptoms of illness that ends up being attributed to the presence of implants- so called “Breast implant related Disease”.
Because this is such a complex subject you need to find a Board Certified plastic surgeon who performs breast augmentations regularly and have a detailed consultation with him/her and do what your comfort level allows.
All of the studies done on smooth wall silicone or saline implants have shown that there are really no major health affects. You can have local issues, but they do not affect your overall health. Speak to your doctor about them. They are the safest way to increase your breast size. I will not do fat grafting as I think their problems can be much worse.

William B. Rosenblatt, M.D.
Breast implants are generally safe, but your surgeon should review the risks with you. The most serious risk is a rare kind of cancer usually seen with textured implants.