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Are chiropractic adjustments painful?

I will have my first chiropractic adjustment for my hip pain next week. Are chiropractic adjustments painful? I'm also 52 years old.

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Typically no, but it’s common to be sore if you’re already in a lot of pain.
They do not have to hurt. Gentle joint balancing of your back and pelvis is attainable with non force chiropractic adjustments. Soft tissue work to reduce muscle spasms in and around the painful areas can release lactic acid that may cause temporary achiness like doing sit ups for the first time. Most patients get some relief just from the first treatment with continued benefits with continued care.

In general, the answer is, "No," however, since your hip is already hurting, and we are going to have to make some changes in order to help you, it can be tender. Every chiropractor uses different procedures to help their patients, and some are more physical than others. I always tell my patients that the treatment should not be really painful, but if it is to tell me so I can
lighten up, stop, or do something different. Even if they just don't like the specific treatment, I want them to tell me because there are many ways to help people to get better. As far as your age goes, I treat people from newborns to those in their nineties. Treatment is modified for the age and condition of the patient. It is really good that you are going in to get help.

Best wishes in better health,

Dr. Steven Moon
Chiropractic adjustments are not at all painful. In fact, there are many techniques that are nonforce and also very lightforce. Believe me, if chiropractic treatments were painful it would not have survived all the intense scrutiny that the profession has endured over the years. It is safe, painless and without side effects. You will feel more aligned, more balanced and in much less pain than you had before. Just relax and trust the doctor and your body.
No. In our office, we use a technique called the Activator Methods. It is a low-force instrument adjusting procedure.

Mark Klezmer, DC, CCSP, CCST, FIAMA
To be could be. Once accepted for care and the determination that your hip condition can be treated safely, I select the most effective adjusting technique for your hip condition that will limit the stress to the painful area. Coupled with other modalities, such as Class IV laser to address the pain component and the use of analgesics and kinesio tape to further modulate the pain response, most patients experience minimal pain during treatment. The key to successful treatment is a solid diagnosis of your hip condition.
I hope this was helpful.

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Dr. C
Chiropractic adjustments are not painful by themselves. Usually, the area in pain can get sore after adjustment occasionally just like physical therapy. But many people feel immediate relief of pain well. You should always be up front with your chiropractor about what you feel to help minimize any discomfort.
Good luck at your visit. You will be fine.

Vishal K. Verma, DC, CCSP
Chiropractic adjustments typically are not painful. Almost all the time a patient will feel a great deal of relief immediately afterwards. The more one can relax, the easier that adjustment will feel. A good doctor will set up for the adjustment and feel for the patient to relax when making the correction.Give your doctor feed back about what you are feeling. There are several ways to adjust a patient and sometimes it takes some exploring to find out what will work best for you. Not all chiropractors use the same methods to adjust. Sometimes you may need to find a doctor who uses a different method. All that to say, chiropractic is the best and safest health care you can get. Many patients get excellent improvement with the first adjustment. Others take a few visits before they get noticeable results. The body responds to time and repetition, so for lasting results one should go through a course of active treatment which may consist of several visits a week for a few weeks. Then to maintain the correction and to prevent other problems, one should have regular monthly adjustments.

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Dr. Payne 
90% of the time no
Yes, they can be because we are moving your painful structure back into proper alignment; yet within minutes to a couple of hours, the pain should subside because there is no more interference to the nerves or muscle.

Thank you,

Dr. Churchill
They should not be painful. It feels like a quick stretch of a muscle.