Hepatologist Questions Liver Diseases

Are liver diseases dangerous?

My father was diagnosed with a liver disease, well fatty liver, and I'm just wondering if this is a dangerous condition. I never heard of it before. My father is 68 years old.

3 Answers

Yes. Fatty liver can result in Cirrhosis of the liver and can eventually fail. Make sure your dad is not diabetic if he is he needs to control his sugar. Also, diet as mc exercise work to loose weight also avoids fatty foods.
Fatty Liver is quite common. Most of the times patients are overweight and have high cholesterol. Alcoholism could be one of the reasons.
Fatty liver is an interesting disease. I wish I could say it was not an issue of concern. It sometimes can be helped just by losing weight, but unfortunately, it can also lead to cirrhosis. Your father should see a hepatologist.
Good luck.