Naturopath Questions Anxiety

Are there any herbs that can treat anxiety?

Instead of treating my anxiety with pharmaceutical means, I'd much rather treat it naturally. Are there any herbs or oils that can help?

4 Answers

Of course there are herbs for anxiety. Also amino acids. The best is a combination of serine and theanine. You can get that from source natural. Then there is Rhodiola and Ashwaghanda, Indian herbs, you can find combinations of those at Whole Foods or your health food store. Meditation and yoga go right with those solutions. Your anxiety is usually not new. You need to work with someone that can help you identify the first time you felt threatened.

Dr. Beilin
-Theanine with inositol
-Kava gold

Dr. Liz
St Jones Wart, Calm, Valerian, Passion Fruit.
Melissa officinalis, lavendar, and kava kava may help with anxiety. Herbs are very gentle and may take a long time to take effect. CBD, taurine, and magnesium has also been helpful.