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Are there any homeopathic medicines to prevent mono?

My boyfriend has mono from sharing a water bottle with his friends. How can I not be infected? Are there any homeopathic medicines to prevent mono?

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I'm not aware of a specific homeopathic remedy for this purpose. For anyone with a possible exposure to a contagious illness, I recommend immune-boosting supplements like elderberry, vitamin C, vitamin D, and zinc if there aren't any contra-indications.
There are homeopathic medicines that can be used for mono and infections in general. But to prevent you from getting it, stay away from him for a few days. And the both of you can do some constitutional hydrotherapy treatments to boost your immunity. Hydrotherapy treatments are therapies that make use of water to improve health and boost immunity. One form of hydrotherapy is to place alternative hot and cold towels on the neck for a sore throat. See details on

Homeopathics are not used for prevention of illness, but for treatment of illness. The best way to prevent mono is by not sharing water bottles, straws, no kissing, the sick person should cover their mouth when coughing and sneezing, wash hands often, well basically avoid exposure to the saliva of anyone with mono.

You can take vitamins that help boost your immune system but it's not a guarantee you won't get sick. Vitamins A, C, D, and zinc are good support. But again, avoiding contact while the person is infectious is the best way to prevent getting mono from them.
There are supplements, botanical herbs, homeopathics, and other natural remedies that treat epstein barr virus, which is the virus that causes mononucleosis. I typically like to order labs to understand how the virus is impacting your health, and then I treat with natural antivirals. If your boyfriend had mono, then you might have it, and there are ways to treat antivirally and there are ways to support your immune system.
There are many wonderful ways to boost your immune system which will protect you against Epstein Barr virus - among many other diseases.
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There is nothing, homeopathic or otherwise, to prevent mono, per se. However, there are nutritional and vitamin supports that can keep your immune system strong.

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You can try. He needs to be treated by a natural doctor. You can take high dose vitamin C, olive leaf extract, and homeopathically, I would take mercurius sol. 6c and streptococcus 6c alternating.
Your immunity is in your Gut/Intestine. Probiotics, B12 and Manuka Honey Lemon Drops are needed in your gut to prevent all viruses and bacteria.
Homeopathic medicine does not prevent any types of infectious diseases, and mononucleosis is one of those diseases. The best prevention is avoidance.

However, homeopathic medicine works well on a constitutional level, meaning that it works on the mind, body, and spirit.