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Are there any non medical remedies for depression?

I am a 18-year-old female. I was diagnosed with depression but I don't want to take medication. Are there any non medical remedies for depression?

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Unless depression is moderate or severe, i generally recommend starting with "talk therapy". Psychotherapy can help you understand what your present anguish represents in the global schema of your life. It will also help with symptom reduction. We do often combine antidepressants with talk therapy especially when talk therapy alone does not help. Good luck!
Yes, there is psychotherapy or talk therapy. It can be highly effective. You can talk to your family doc for a referral or school counselor.

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In answer to your question, yes. There are a few things you can do. Exercise, socializing, proper nutrition, and rest all help. The way I look at depression is like a virus, its something that just has to be gone through. Now if the depression last for a while, say over three weeks without improvement, a short-term medication may be needed.
Psychotherapy, or "talk therapy," has evidence for providing effective treatment for depression. To be sure, it is important to have a full examination to make sure that the diagnosis is "major depression" and not a
symptom of depression due to something else. Other medical conditions such as nutritional deficiencies, hormone imbalances, illnesses, and disease can include depression as a symptom, and treatment of these other conditions would be best. Situational and environmental factors such as trauma, stress, lack of physical activity, or seasonal change can affect mood, so addressing these issues directly can help with depression.

Psychiatric medicine such as an antidepressant is still a useful option if the symptoms of depression create emotional distress and impair function, but the medicine choice needs to be carefully selected to best match the individual's needs and diagnosis. Of course, if suicidal thoughts or plans are present, it is extremely important to seek mental health care immediately.
Some herbs but depends on how bad the depression is, etc. I don’t feel herbs really work well at all.
Hello, there are a lot of known and researched alternative treatments for depression that are the traditional medication. I would talk to your primary care physician about your desire to take non-medical alternatives. But, here is a piece that is from the Mayo Clinic. Keep in mind that I am not a medical doctor and I am not recommending anything and before you try anything please speak to your PCM. This is just an informational link I do not have experience with these listed remedies.
This link will help in addressing your question: