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Are there any downsides to dental implants?

I've had a missing tooth ever since I was a kid, and now I'm considering getting a dental implant. Are there any downsides to dental implants, compared to other methods of tooth replacement?

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No replacing a missing tooth implant is the best choice
For healthy adults with plenty of bone, implants are the best options available. The downside is it take about 3-4 months from time of placement to having a tooth in the space. Another downside is possible implant complications that can occur if not properly cleaned/maintained with routine dental care.
Implants are a great single or multiple tooth replacement option. The advantages include a long-term tooth replacement and no sacrifice or cutting of adjacent teeth. However, implants are a surgical approach and require about 4-6 months of healing after placement of the implant. The crown follows after that time frame. Based on your health history, a dentist would have to see if you are candidate.
Usually, increased cost and healing time prior to completion of the case.
Replacement of a missing tooth is ideal with a dental implant in most cases.

Dr. Kaveeta
If you have enough bone in the area, Implants are a great replacement option for missing teeth. If the area does not have enough bone, sometimes we have to graft bone in the area. Check with your dentist and discuss any medications or systemic issues.

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