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At what age do adults start losing teeth?

I am a 52 year old male. I want to know at what age do adults start losing teeth?

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Unless and until you are not suffering from a severe gum disease, your teeth should stay with you forever.
Normal, healthy adults do not lose their teeth. Tooth loss in adulthood is related to disease. The most common reason for adult onset tooth loss is Periodontal (gum) disease. Please seek the attention of a dentist.
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They don’t. It’s more a reflection of your home care. If you neglect your teeth, they will neglect you.
The correct answer is never. I have 95-year-old patients with all their teeth. Consult with your dentist for how to preserve your teeth for a lifetime.
Our teeth are meant to stay a lifetime. If you are losing teeth, there must be an underlying issue.


There is no real answer to that question. Some people die with almost all of their teeth. Some die with less than that. It all depends on your personal home care and some genetics.
You should not lose teeth at any age and with proper dental care they can last a lifetime. In case of trauma, unsuccessful root canal treatment or severe fracture, it is very important to replace lost teeth as soon as possible.
That is dependant on several factors. Your oral hygiene, periodontal condition, genetics, etc... you should be able to keep your teeth until you are no longer able to maintain your dental health.
Permanent teeth should last your life. Premature loss of your teeth would indicate an undiagnosed disease process. A consult with a general dentist should be considered