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My daughter is 8 years old and her baby teeth have still not fallen out. Is it normal?

My daughter is 8 years old and has not lost any of her baby teeth yet. Is this normal?

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It happens. See a children's dentist to take an X-ray.
Depends which tooth is it. An X-ray will help to identify why the successor tooth didn't erupt yet. Usually, the baby teeth start falling dawn when the permanent ones start to erupt.
Sometimes can have delayed eruption, but it should be checked out by a dentist, taking some X-rays.
Sometimes it is normal to over retain baby teeth, in cases like this radiographs are needed to better interpret the eruption pattern of permanent teeth. I would recommend a dental visit and radiographs to evaluate further.
Most Children start losing their bottom front baby teeth between 5-7, with 6yo is the average. You should check with your Dentist to see if the permanent teeth are present or if there are any problems
Not normal. But not terribly bad.

In fact, late teeth shedding is related to less cavities once she has he permanent teeth in the mouth.
It’s a little late but it’s ok. Don’t worry.
Every child loses their teeth at a different age. Typically this is around age 6 or 7. If she hasn't lost her baby teeth yet, it's a good idea to see your dentist to have them take a peek and give you some reasons why - it could be normal or it could be a sign of something such as missing adult teeth. Xrays may also be beneficial to see if there are adult teeth growing underneath. Some people have congenitally missing adult teeth which means that baby teeth hold the space where an adult tooth should have grown in often well into someone's teens and beyond.
Most people begin loosing their teeth around age 6. Some children loose their teeth prior to the "normal" age range and some people loose their teeth later. Make sure they are going to see their dentist frequently. They can tell if her permanent teeth are erupting properly or not.
There is no way of predicting tooth eruption. Have a dentist take an x-ray to confirm that the permanent teeth indeed exist which they probably do. In the meantime children who lose teeth later will be older and better able to prevent cavities.
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On average, children start losing their front baby teeth at around 6 years of age. There is a range, however, some children lose their teeth earlier and some later. I would recommend coming in for an exam and X-rays, so doctors can see the positioning of her adult teeth underneath her baby teeth to get a better understanding of when she might lose the baby teeth or if there needs to be any intervention taken by the dentist.

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Dr. Jatinder Sharma, DDS
The back teeth which are still in place most likely will not fall out until 9, 10, or 11 in girls and they are still a year or two ahead of boys' loss of baby teeth.
This can still be normal. Everyone gains and loses teeth at a different rate! That being said, it is possible the permanent teeth are not in position to push out the primary teeth. Sometimes the permanent teeth start growing in an angle instead of directly behind and under the primary teeth. Only an X-ray can answer that. Good luck!
Every child is different; if her baby teeth were late in erupting, it is common that permanent would be delayed as well. Have any permanent erupted yet? Occasionally, the lower front teeth have the permanent teeth behind the baby teeth and need a little help in exfoliating. An X-ray would confirm the presence of the permanent dentition.

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Dr Rogol
While this can be normal, I would advise to schedule a visit with your local dentist to take proper X-rays to see where the adult teeth are. They will also be able to tell if the baby teeth are getting loose, etc. Normal age to lose baby teeth is between 7-8 years of age.

Every child is unique for tooth eruption and loss. Usually will start at 6 years old, but some kids may be delayed. That being said, I would recommend you seek a dentist to check to make sure the teeth are not fused to the bone, or any other conditions.

Andrew S. Paek, D.D.S.
Baby front teeth tend to fall off around age 6-7, with the lower front teeth normally going first. The baby molars and canines tend to fall off around age 9-12. These timelines are give/take 6 months - 1 year. However, I have seen some children lose their teeth much sooner and/or later than these schedules due to heredity. In some cases, the child is missing a permanent tooth underneath; therefore, the baby tooth is retained. Therefore, the best thing is to see a dentist for consultation if you are concerned because X-rays will be needed to diagnose the problem.


Dr. Huynh 
It is normal. Some kids take longer to lose their teeth. They usually start losing their teeth from ages 4-8. X-rays should be taken though to evaluate where the permanent teeth are at.
It can be. Everyone loses teeth at different ages. The “norms” are simply averages. If your daughter got her teeth late, she will most likely lose them late as well. If there is any concern however, X-rays can determine which adult teeth are forming and where they are in development.
Some have delayed eruption and shedding. It's based on their chronological age. It is normal, as some children have delayed shedding. If the baby teeth are interfering with adult teeth eruption, then best course is to see a pediatric dentist for the proper care of the child.
Usually the first teeth to fall out are the lower centrals, then the upper centrals. This occurs at around the age of 6 to 7. I have however, seen the permanent front teeth coming in as late as 8 years old. Lift up the upper lip and see if the gums are puffed out above her baby teeth. This is a sign that the permanent teeth are on their way. It would be very rare for her to have missing permanent teeth. To be sure, visit your local dentist and have him/her take a simple x-ray. Thanks for the concern.
That may be normal depending on exactly which teeth you are talking about
Some babies have delayed exfoliation date. Though the average age is 5-7 yrs, I will advise to see your dentist, an X-ray may be needed.

Usually, the teeth fall off the same order that they came in. Usually, they lose their first teeth between 6-9. Although she’s definitely in the later side of the tooth loss process, I would not worry too much yet. However, if you do have any concerns, I would take her to a dentist where they can take some X-rays to see where the adult teeth are lying and how much longer the baby teeth will be there.
I hope this answers your questions.


Charles Kim, DDS