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Back pain for two months. What could be the cause?

I'm 40 years old and I have been experiencing back pain for more than 2 months. What could be causing this? I haven't fallen, and I try to exercise at least twice a week.

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It could be from many reasons. Often people underestimate how bad sitting is for our brains and bodies. That’s a common reason for back pain with no injury history. Improper lifting and even the exercise if your form is incorrect could cause pain over time. A poor mattress could cause it too.
Typically self-resolving conditions like muscle strains or joint sprains heal up in about 6 weeks. If its persisting past that, it could be an underlying injury or joint condition like a disc injury (strain, bulge or herniation) or arthritis. Especially with arthritis, the pain seems to come on suddenly and won't go away, even if the underlying problem started years before. Arthritis is not painful in the beginning and takes years before it causes discomfort. Your best bet is to get it evaluated by a chiropractor and possibly take some xrays to figure out the root cause.
Usually there are many micro traumas that lead to larger symptoms.
There are many many things that can cause back pain. Since it has been going on for 2 months and, assumed, not gotten better by itself, I highly recommend seeing a chiropractor or a PCP to get an accurate diagnosis on what is causing it.
I recommend you get examined by an MD and a DC first in order to diagnose the cause of your backpain. It could be a musculoskeletal issue. Or it could be from another cause. Thanks!
See a Chiropractor and have the area X-rayed
Hi, yes you should see your doctor; more specifically, you should see your chiropractor. Unfortunately our past scrapes, falls, traumas, or even stresses to our lower backs don't get erased from our history after a few months. 40 is still young and vibrant, however you don't want to be dealing with pain and discomfort day in and day out. Your local chiropractor can take a thorough history, do a detailed examination, and take the proper images if your particular case dictates you need them. Best of luck with your back pain.
Back pain can be caused by a number of factors. If you have been suffering it for 2+ months, it is recommended you have it evaluated by a professional. In chiropractic, we see physical, chemical, & mental stress accumulate overtime to lead to symptoms. A very common cause is an accumulation of postural stress. There is a point or threshold where we exceed our body's ability to adapt and we begin to notice symptoms. It could be that the problem was developing prior, you just did not have symptoms yet.
Assuming low back pain, first, are you male or female? If muscle in nature, then either could suffer. Ovarian or uterine problems could be involved if you are female. Fixations of one vertebra to another is a common cause as are minor disc problems. A general rule is if over 4 weeks of pain, it is reasonable to have a medical or chiropractic physician to look at it and at least give an opinion.

Pain can be somewhat of a mystery, it is good at telling us something is wrong, but it is not good at telling us where and why. A Chiropractic examination provides a lot of specific information as to the cause(s) of pain. I would recommend you consult with your local Chiro.