Family Practitioner Questions Migraine

What is the best medication for migraines?

I suffer with migraines and typically get 2 headaches per week. What is the best medication for migraines? Tylenol and Advil simply do not work anymore.

5 Answers

See your medical profession, there are new treatments available to help reduce the frequency of migraines with a single monthly injection. Of course there are also the mainstays of treatment both prophylactic (preventative) and abortive (termination of headache). We also utilize a technique called sphenopalatine blocks (SPG), and when appropriate occipital nerve blocks.
Reduce stress, check vitamin D blood level, drink more water, less coffee, check eyesight. Sum Atryptan tabs 40mg for treatment.
You may be a good candidate for prophylactic medication ie something you take daily to prevent the headaches otherwise the the Tryptan group of meds are good for treating the headache
Test your blood to see if your parameters are normal. Many mistake a problem with migraine.
Any form of a prescription triptan such as omitted is the best class of a migraine abortant. If you suffer two migraines a week or more than 2-3 a month, you are a candidate for prophylactic (migraine preventative) medication to take on a daily basis. Routine, routine, routine is the key to help prevent migraines.