Neurosurgeon Questions Epilepsy

What is the best treatment for epilepsy?

My daughter has epilepsy, and unfortunately medication has not helped her. Do we have any other options?

2 Answers

There are different types of epilepsy like generalized or partial, complex partial seizure, and there are so many old and newer agents available for treatment depending on the type of seizure, so the best step is to see a neurologist and get the right treatment.
This is a complicated topic. In general the first line treatment for recurrent seizures is medications. There are a large number of medications available and depending on patient's age, type of seizures and other considerations, a pediatric neurologist can help select which medication or medications will be appropriate. For some patients, however, seizures recur in spite of optimal medication. For some of these patients, surgery may be appropriate--again there are different types of surgery for epilepsy. The best advice would be to be seen by a pediatric neurologist with special interest in epilepsy and that center can more fully advise you.
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