Pediatrician Questions Ear Cleaning

What is the best way to clean ears of a newborn baby?

My baby is 1 month old and I am noticing that he is getting a lot of ear wax. I am scared to clean his ears. What is the best way to clean ears of a newborn baby or should I leave them alone?

4 Answers

Clean to other ear with a moist warm cloth. Do not stick anything in the ear canal. This pokes the wax in and can injure the ear canal. The wax will fall out on its on.
You are right! Do not clean the inside of the ear canal with Q tips. Q tips or cotton swab are often what causes a wax buildup. Instead, wash baby's outer ear gently with a washcloth and leave the canal alone; it's very rare for earwax to build up when cotton swabs are not being used.

You shouldn't put anything into a newborn or infant's ear canals. Neither cotton swabs nor wash cloths should be inserted into ear canals. You may gently clean the outer ear with a wash cloth using warm water or hydrogen peroxide. If you still notice more wax/cerumen, let your child's doctor take care of it. Younger babies having excessive wax is not a serious problem and every well visit to his or her pediatrician will allow the provider to deal with this problem.

We don't recommend cleaning your newborn's ears. You have to wait until the wax comes to the outside of the ear and pick it out.