Optometrist Questions Hazy vision

I am have hazy vision in the mornings. Could it be due to my blood pressure?

I wake up every morning with hazy vision. Could it be because of my blood pressure or is it something else?

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More likely it is because your eyes have dried out under your lids or you may have a form of angle closure glaucoma raining eye pressure and causing the edema ( swelling) A Optometric Physician can rule out Glaucoma and prescribe therapy for dry eye or MGD Meibomian Eye Disease. Doc Bison
It could be your blood pressure or it could be something else like swelling in your corneas or dry eyes. You really should have a full, comprehensive eye exam, and try to schedule your appointment in the morning.
Your cornea normally swells 5% to 8% while sleeping, this will make your vision blurry upon awakening. The vision should clear within 1 to 1 1/2 hours after awakening. If it doesn’t clear, you must get an eye examination to determine the exact cause of the blurry vision.
It can be, but it also can be a host of other things. Get your eyes checked.
More likely due to corneal swelling secondary to closed eye condition. Use a 5% NACL eye ointment before bed and a 2% NACL solution eye drop in the morning a couple of time s to see if that helps. Have an optometrist provide an eye examination.

Yes. Get your BP and blood sugar levels checked. Also your blood cholesterol.
You may be farsighted and need glasses. High blood pressure can cause internal bleeding in your eye and vision loss, but it does not go away later during the day.

Hope this helps.
This could be related to blood pressure, but is more likely a problem related to dry eyes. With a comprehensive eye examination, this can most likely be determined as the reason for the hazy vision.

Dr. David Johnson