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Is blue apron really healthy? Should I start it?

It's too much to go grocery store shopping any more, and blue apron offers the flexibility that I'm looking for. But is it healthy to start on it? Would you recommend it?

1 Answer

I honestly have no experience with Blue Apron to give you a yes or no. I love the idea of the company, though. Grocery shopping can be a hassle. I know it is for me. What I found to work best for busy people like us is using curbside pickup. I don't know what state you're from, but I live in Texas and use HEB. Whatever items I purchased on a previous date can be placed in my current grocery cart within a few seconds. So, if you are on a meal plan or eat the same things throughout the whole week/month, it makes life so much easier. It saves time, and your budget becomes predictable.
Thank you for your question.