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I have recently got my braces fixed and they seem to be cutting into the skin of my mouth. What to do?

I recently got my braces done for my lower mouth. Although the fitting was done well, the braces seem to be cutting into the skin of my mouth and is causing a lot of pain. Is it normal or will I have to get it redone?

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I doubt that you will have to have them redone but you should call your orthodontist right away and discuss this with them. They should be able to assist you with some instructions on what to do and may invite you to come back in so that they can take a look. In the meantime, if you can, please apply orthodontic wax to the braces that are bothering you and keep it in place to better protect your tissues.
Try using some orthodontic wax on the braces which are causing the issue. Rinsing with warm salt water can also be very soothing and helpful.
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It is common with braces to have some initial irritation and soreness with the gums and cheeks. They will toughen up over time and wax or a small piece of wet cotton will help reduce the discomfort. If it’s one particular spot causing a bad ulcer I would call the orthodontist and see if you need to get the wire trimmed.
Teeth move all the time during orthodontic treatment. It is not uncommon for the wire to "slide out". You may have been given some orthodontic "wax" when you got your braces. You could use that to cover the area that is sharp till you can return to the orthodontist to have them look at it.
Probably your lip is just not used to the extra hardware, and you probably need a little layer of wax.
This is normal and should subside over time as your mouth adjusts to the brackets. Your orthodontist should have provided you with wax to place on the bracket to protect the inside of your mouth.
It takes some time for your mouth to adjust to the braces, this is not unusual. You can try using orthodontic wax and place it over the braces to protect you lips and cheeks until you body adjusts a little more.
Sometimes this may be normal. Braces can cause irritation of your cheeks and lead to small ulcerations. If the cause is a bracket, then you can use orthodontic wax to help reduce the friction with your cheeks. If it is a wire, then I would call your orthodontist to see if they can cut it for you. In the mean time, some wax on the offending area will help. Hope this helps...Dr.B.
Its normal to have irritation on your lips and cheeks while teeth are moving with braces. I would recommend placing wax on the bracket to prevent further irritation. Also, check if there is any wire extended outside last bracket. Sometimes, small extra piece of wire distal to molar bracket can cause lot of irritation. If problem still continues, then consult with your orthodontist.

Dr.H.Nagori ( B.D.S, MPA, C.A.G.S (Orthodontics) , ABO )
Sometimes, braces will irritate the lips and cheeks when initially placed as the mouth is not used to having braces attached to the teeth. To help the "skin of your mouth" through the first few days of braces, place some soft wax over your braces to provide a soft, smooth surface. Also, you can rinse with warm salt water to help your lips and cheeks heal from any irritation and you can place some over-the-counter topical anesthetic to reduce any soreness. Your lips and cheeks will adapt to the braces after a few days and you will not need to use the wax or topical anesthetic any longer.
It takes a few days for you to get used to your braces. You can use wax which can be provided by your orthodontist to cover the sharp edges of the braces so they won't cut your skin.
It is not uncommon for the soft tissues on the inside of the mouth to get sore from new braces. In fact, it usually takes up to 7-10 days for the tissue to 'toughen' or 'callus' before they're back to feeling normal. In the meantime, we advise our patients to use the soft wax...pinch a piece off in your fingers, roll it in a ball in your fingers (which also warms and softens the wax), and then 'push' it on whatever is causing the discomfor inside your lips, cheeks, or tongue. Usually after a week it's not an issue. If the discomfort is from a long wire, or something that's sticking out and poking, it can easily be remedied by clipping the wire, or bending in the part that's protruding.
Once the tissues have gotten accustomed to having the braces on for a little while, the issue will be resolved!
This is a normal part of the process! You may have been given wax, this is something that is extremely helpful as you get accustomed to your braces. Having a few sores initially is normal until you get used to it. Good luck!

Dustin Coles