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Questions about breathing, chest pain, restlessness, coughing and throat pain.

I have been suffering with breathing problems for over 15 years. This problem gets worse during season/weather changes. I have been experiencing sneezing, coughing, throat pain, chest pain, and gas for over 10 days. I am also getting headaches and have been having trouble falling and staying asleep at night. Today, I am also experiencing an internal fever. What can be going on and what can I do to ease these symptoms?

Male | 40 years old
Complaint duration: 10 to 15 days
Medications: doxofylin, cough syrup, pcm,
Conditions: At home resting

2 Answers

You could have seasonal allergies and/or asthma, but because of chest pain and fever, you should see your doctor to make sure you do not have a serious infection.
Without knowing your medical history, as to whether these "breathing problems for years" are associated with asthma, COPD, asbestosis or any other number of disorders or whether you are just suffering from seasonal allergies, this question is somewhat difficult to answer.  Most of what you describe could be related to seasonal allergies, given that it recurs this time every year, but since you are describing "internal fever," it is more likely that this is a virus.  I am not sure, however, exactly what is meant by "internal fever."  Does that mean that you feel hot, but have no elevation of your temperature, that you didn't take your temperature, but feel like you have a fever, or did you actually take your temperature and find it to be elevated?  Although severe allergies can sometimes cause a fever, fever is much more commonly associated with an infectious process like a viral or bacterial infection. The symptoms you describe point more toward a virus.  Since you have had if for 10 days and report fever and are staying home from work, I recommend that you should probably follow up with either your primary care provider or an urgent care clinic in your area.
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