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Can burn marks for a 5 year old be treated with plastic surgery?

My daughter is 5 years old and has burnt her hand. The mark on her hand is huge. Can a plastic surgeon help treat it?

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Absolutely. I suggest that you make an appointment for an evaluation now. The plastic surgeon will advise you when the best time would be to obtain the best results. Attention must be paid to growth, appearance, psychological aspects of the injury and function.
It all depends on the extent of the scar and the location.

The best way to answer his questions is to see the patient and do a physical examination.
Care of the wound depends on if is acute or chronic. The management of acute burn depends on the depth of the wound and the area involved. Chronic scars from burns may need skin graft , release of scar tissue and possible tissue rearrangement procedures. Appropriate Hand burn care is paramount due to the high functional nature of the hand. If is deep and full thickness skin graft most likely will be the method of reconstruction.
The degree of improvement a plastic surgeon can offer your daughter depends on the extent and location of the scar. Burn scars of the hand often involve contractures, or shrinkage of the scar which can cause limitation of movement Such scars are usually treated with Z-plasties or flap surgery to improve the function of the hand. If the scar is mostly cosmetic in nature, then the degree of improvement available to her may be more limited. But even in those cases, some improvement is often possible.
Yes, and this should be evaluated and followed up by a plastic surgeon.

William A. Stefani, MD
Burn marks can absolutely be treated by a plastic surgeon. It is tough to determine exactly what strategy could give the best results but I recommend you have a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon. Often you can also find one that has a fellowship training in the hand, I am one of those plastic surgeons. Good luck!
Burns can be a complex issue. A board certified plastic surgeon can definitely talk to you about the available options for your daughter's burn.