Speech-Language Pathologist Questions Detecting Hearing Loss In Children

ā€œMy son was born with slight hearing loss. Will he have a speech problem as well?ā€

My son is currently 2 years old and was born with slight hearing loss. He has been babbling but hasn't spoken any words yet. Does it mean he will also have speech problems?

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I would definitely recommend having him monitored by an audiologist for his hearing loss. For his speech, though, Iā€™d recommend being evaluated by a speech-language pathologist to see if they have concerns, or believe he may need intervention.

Adrianna Sulaica, Au.D., CCC-A
Consider amplification so he has access to all sounds. Were hearing aids suggested? Hearing should be tested regularly to monitor any changes. Was cause of hearing loss determined? Type and degree of hearing loss will determine how often Hearing will need to be tested and if amplification will help. Many young children get ear infections that can usually be treated and therefor is temporary. If temporary hearing loss, speech should not be effected.
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Hello. Before I begin my response to your question, please note I am a medical speech language pathologist. We are required to complete a Bachelor's, Master's, 9-month externship, and then apply for certification. While we are trained specialist within the domain of medicine and healthcare, we are not physicians. I am not a doctor. Now....

Regarding the hearing loss, is it conductive or sensorineural hearing loss? Because a lot of the sounds we imitate come from what we hear, hearing difficulty can impact how he is interpreting the sounds and what he says subsequently. Has he been to an audiologist yet for a follow up? My recommendation to you at this time is for him to see a pediatric audiologist and potential speech language pathologist for an evaluation and aural rehabilitation, if appropriate.

Hi! By the age of two, a child should be speaking and have at least 250 words. It sounds like he may have a speech issue. Have you gotten him assessed yet and if not, I truly believe you should. It is great that you to caught this issue early. I would suggest that you get him assessed by an SLP for sure. Also what is being done for his hearing? What kind of hearing loss is it- sensorineural (life long) or conductive (temporary)? That issue needs to be addressed as well through your audiologist.
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Mild hearing loss does not lead to speech impediment. I would suggest to consult an Audiology Clinic for hearing assessment. If you do not have an Audiologist around, consult a Pediatrician. Besides behavioral assessment, they can get an ABR/BERA done at a Neurology Lab.

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Syed Ahmed
It is best to see a Speech-Language Pathologist right away to have an evaluation done to determine a speech-language delay.