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By what age should one start their period?

My daughter is 14 and she still hasn't had her first period. By what age should one start their period?

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Usually, onset of menses - also referred to as Menarche - begins at age 9. Age 14 is not a delay in itself, but a complete clinical and developmental assessment is required to draw any conclusion of the delayed onset of menarche. I would recommend a visit with her pediatrician for a thorough evaluation of your daughter.
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Anywhere between 10-15 is considered normal!
It depends on her weight, you need 10% body fat to start your period. As young as ten and as old as 16 is normal. If she has no pubic hair or breast development yet, she may need hormones checked. Also make sure she is eating a healthy diet. Also if you were late starting, she may be also
Start of menses varies, usually ranges between ages 12 to 14, plus/minus 2 years. If she has no menses by age 16, she should see a gynecologist.