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Can I do virtual therapy for anxiety?

I am a 40 year old male. I have anxiety about the virus. Can I do virtual therapy for anxiety?

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It is worth trying
Absolutely. All therapy right now is being done virtually, and while it is not quite as good as being in person, it is still effective.
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Many therapists and other mental health professionals are doing virtual therapy for patients. I know of no reason why you could not do virtual therapy for anxiety.
Yes. It may be very, very effective. If you’re willing to find a cognitive behavioral therapist, it can be very very effective. One component has often been mastering relaxation techniques. Another aspect has been the identification of very specific triggers with the chain of events leading to increased anxiety — this can be perceived as very intriguing detective work that will help you solve the clues if you have anxiety. Definitely give it a try!

Lance Steinberg, MD, Inc.
As with any medical condition it is best to tailor the treatment to the specific condition of the patient. Generally speaking I think virtual therapy would be a great way to start addressing your anxiety. It may not be all inclusive in solving you anxiety, but is certainly a good start. You will of course need to make your own decision after trying it. It is a simulated environment where you can confront those things that would cause anxiety, but with a bit more safety net because you can always remove yourself from the experience if it is too much.