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How can I dry water that has gone in my baby's ears?

My baby is 3 months old and yesterday while giving him a head bath, some water went into his ears. Although he is not crying from pain, I am worried if this water will stay back in his ears. What is the best way to dry the water from a baby's ears?

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Let it evaporate.
The easiest thing to do is take a hair dryer and blow warm air into the ear. If the baby has tubes, this can work also. If the baby does it have tubes, then a drop or so of a product like swim-ear can work. But remember that a baby’s ear canals are very small and water does not get very deep most of the time, so you may not need to worry at all.  
Use a hair dryer for a short time to air dry the ears.
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The good news is that you do not have to do anything. A baby’s ear canals are so small that there is not much water that can get in. The only reason I would worry about water in the ears is if there is mucous or pus draining out the canal (meaning an ear infection), and adding water can slow down the recovery. Otherwise, your baby can bathe quite comfortably.

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Dr. LeBlanc
Generally do not need to do so. Towel dry them. No Q-tips.