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Can I treat gingivitis at home?

I am a 32 year old male who has been diagnosed with gingivitis. Can I treat gingivitis at home?

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Generally, more fastidious oral hygiene can help very much. Daily brushing 2x and flossing before sleep are big drivers of better oral health.
Yes, as soon as you don't have any systemic disease, proper brushing and flossing will treat gingivitis.
Hello, gingivitis cannot be treated at home. I recommend you going to a professional to provide you with a deep cleaning that will clean under the gums. From there, the professional will provide you with hygiene tips for you to practice oral hygiene at home. Thank you for your question.
Gingivitis need to be treated by a Dentist or Hygienist, once you've seen the dentist/hygienist and they have treated the problem, you can help maintain it at home. Brushing at least twice a day and flossing is essential to help maintain healthy teeth and gums. At times an antimicrobial rinse is recommended and can be very helpful. However, the only way to successfully combat the problem is see a dentist.
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