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Can a chiropractor adjust a child's rib pain?

My 8 year old daughter is complaining of rib pain. Can a chiropractor adjust a child's rib pain?

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First, I am very conservative with adjusting children. What my adjustment would be better described as is mobilization. I have treated children of all ages for years. Next is what is causing the rib pain. This is a very important question and only a professional can answer this question with an examination. To find a local Doctor of Chiropractic, I combine the State Association, Findatopdoc, and Google.
Usually, Yes.
It depends as only an examination can tell
Yes, they sure can! First, the chiropractor will complete a thorough exam. Then, they are the best fit for the job if your child's rib is subluxated. Subluxated is the fancy word for "out of place."
Definitely! We have had lots of success with rib pain in children in our office. I’d recommend a consultation to talk with a doctor, and an exam and maybe even some X-rays to see what’s going on!
Hope that helps!

Dr. Josh Barton, DC

Yes, chiropractors can adjust ribs for pain.
Yes. Over 50% of the chiropractic profession uses a gentle instrument to do adjustments. With children and seniors, chiropractors will use very gentle procedures to make corrections. I have treated newborns without complications.
Yes, most definitely. As long as that is the problem. The chiropractor is trained to figure that out.

Dr. Jonathan Donath, DC, MS
No we adjust segments of the spine and associated structures not the ribs...
Yes, chiropractic is excellent for putting ribs back in place.
Chiropractors work with people of all ages and from all walks of life. Most are very good at identifying problems, and offering natural solutions. If your child is having any sort of pain, please take her to a chiropractor or other health care professional that will take a detailed history and perform a thorough examination before treating.
A chiropractor can gently adjust the ribs if that is the cause of the problem. The chiropractor should do a full examination to determine the cause of the rib pain.
In a normal, healthy child, yes. I tend to always use an adjusting instrument, which is very light force on children. I said ‘normal, healthy’ because I have seen children with pathology where a manual (cracking) adjustment wouldn’t have been safe. Again, I used the adjusting instrument for that child as well.
Yes, if it’s coming from alignment issue in the spine where the ribs articulate with the spinal column. It’s less common that a child that age would have a rib lesion since they are more flexible than when older. I have successfully treated a case like that, but it’s less common
Yes, I recommend taking your daughter to a Pediatric Chiropractor, or any Chiropractor with specific training in Pediatrics.