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Can a chiropractor relieve hip pain?

I am a 32 year old woman with hip pain. Can a chiropractor relieve hip pain?

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Absolutely, chiropractic typically gets great results with hip pain. Remember, pain is controlled in the brain and chiropractic adjustment help to balance those signals in the brain that help you relieve pain.
Yes, they can. One of the most common causes of non-injury related hip pain is sacroiliac joint dysfunction. Lack of normal SI movement, fixation or, as chiropractors call it, joint subluxation, can cause one leg to become shorter than the other creating unequal weight bearing. This can contribute to the pain in the hip and eventually begin to radiate down the leg, sciatica.

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In most cases, yes, but you won’t know until you try. All patients are different with no two problems being the same and no two patients responding to treatment the same.


Dr. Duchon
Yes they can
Depending on your hip pain (area of pain, hip or pelvis, quality of pain), a good sports and orthopedic chiropractor is your best bet. They tend to combine chiropractic with therapy care which can help with the pain once you are evaluated. We have seen plenty of good results with hip pain so I know it is possible. The key is to narrow down the diagnosis to the source of the pain. It may not even be in the hip.
Hoping the best for you.
Absolutely, it's worth consulting with a great DC. I would find a doc that does X-ray analysis and start getting your low back and pelvis adjusted regularly. It will make a world of difference!


Dr. Brandon Buttry
Short answer: yes. Long answer: As long as their is a biomechanical source of the discomfort there is a very good chance chiropractic care can relieve your hip pain.. the chiropractor will be able to determine that by doing an exam and assessing the region by looking at how your hip moves, how hip moved in relation to the pelvis and how your pelvis moves in relation to your lumbar spine. I treat hip pain often.
Yes a chiropractor can help with hip pain. We have a variety of techniques to use to help with your problem.
Yes, Chiropractic can help many different types of hip pain, but a thorough exam must be performed to determine If your particular pain would be responsive to our care.
Yes, if it is a chiropractic problem.
Yes adjustments help tremendously
Yes, this is a very common complaint in chiropractic offices. You will find relief of hip pain there.