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Can a cracked dental bridge be repaired?

I noticed that my dental bridge was cracked this morning. Is it possible to have it repaired?

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A cracked dental bridge can be repaired depending on the level of the chip or crack. Always see a dentist when you notice this in order to get the proper treatment and prevention of further fractures.
It depends on the type of bridge that you have. If it's a removable bridge (partial denture), then yes, it's usually very easy to repair. If it's a fixed partial denture (cemented bridge), then that depends on how and where it's cracked. Porcelain is very hard to repair for long-term use in the mouth.
It depends on how it is cracked. Consult your dentist as soon as possible to find out what is needed.
Unfortunately not. Dental bridge is made with porcelain and would require the entire bridge to be removed and replaced.
Dear patient,

If your bridge is an old porcelain fused to metal it can be repaired if the fracture is small and not in the biting area. Most of the time the repaired will not last too long if you're not very careful. It may be time to think of getting an implant and 2 individual crowns to avoid any more bridge fractures.
Not knowing what exactly is cracked on the bridge, this is difficult to answer. Typically, if a bridge is cracked, it needs to be replaced. If some of the porcelain is missing, the bridge can remain in that condition as long as there is no decay or loss of integrity around the teeth keeping it in place.
Many variables are in play here. Removable or cemented bridge? Metal, plastic or porcelain breakage? All these variables affect the answer.
Any repair would be temporary. Bonding to porcelain in the mouth usually does not have good results. If this is a partial denture and not a bridge then a repair is much easier.
If you are referring to a removable bridge that you take in and out at night, then chances are good that it can be repaired. However, if it is a cemented bridge that remains in your mouth all of the time, then usually they cannot be easily repaired. If it were a temporary bridge, then that could easily be repaired. As you can see, it is vitally important to seek professional dental treatment to determine what type of bridge you are referring to, as well as what it will take to either repair or replace the cracked bridge. Try to see your dentist before the situation worsens.
It depends if the porcelain was fractured or if there was damage to the metal. You should see a dentist to get it evaluated
Yes, it’s possible to be repaired. If the bridge can be tapped off without damaging the teeth underneath, the bridge can be successfully repaired. Check with your dentist to discuss your options.

Dr. Brandon Nicholson, D.D.S.
It is possible depending on where and what dental material it is fractured on, plus the state or health of the supporting teeth, etc. There is not a simple answer for this. There are too many variables involved. I’m guessing it’s an old appliance. I would suggest talking with your dentist. You can’t answer most questions on the internet with limited Information.

Dr. Jensen

This would really depend on how and where the bridge is broken, the material the bridge is made from, and how severely broken it is. Typically, if a bridge is fractured, it would need to be removed and remade, but the best course of action would be to be seen for further evaluation and treatment options.