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Can a dental cleaning whiten teeth?

I am a 24 year old male. I wonder if a dental cleaning can whiten teeth?

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Your teeth may seem whiter after a dental cleaning due to the removal of any staining. It will not change the shade of your natural color.
A dental cleaning will remove tartar, and plaque . Both of which cause stains. A cleaning will also remove surface stains . So in essence it will whiten your teeth but not in the same manner as teeth whitening .
If there are stains on your teeth, definitely cleaning make them whiter, but If you want very white teeth, you can have cleaning with bleaching.
Cleanings can remove stain from teeth and make them appear whiter but it doesn't whiten your teeth the way teeth whitening procedure does.
No, a dental cleaning cannot whiten your teeth.
Yes if they are stained due to food wines or smoking, but not if the stain is inherent to the enamel
It really depends on how much stain is present on your teeth. Do you smoke, drink a lot of coffee or tea? Superficial stain is of course polished off with a "normal" dental cleaning. If the tooth structure is just dark, consider one of the many "whitening/bleaching" processes to get them where you want.
Yes, with most people's diet today, there are a lot of foods and drinks that create a substantial amount of extrinsic (external surface) stains that are removed with a normal, routine cleaning. In addition, smoking creates significant staining.
Teeth color is affected by both internal and external factors. Cleaning teeth removes debris on the surface of the teeth. Removing food stains , plaque and calculus can certainly make the teeth look whiter. If you wish to improve on the internal color of teeth, whitening using approved dental products either over the counter or with your dentist is the ideal treatment. Keep in mind that whitening your teeth is not a one time event. In order to maintain the whiter shades you will need to touch-up (whiten periodically). Hope this answers your concern. Thank you.
Yes, if you have stains on the surface of your teeth, the cleaning will remove them. It will not lighten the inside of your teeth like whitening products do.
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A dental cleaning can whiten teeth in certain circumstances. In certain areas of your teeth stains collect, then they can be removed at the dental office giving a whiter appearance. However, if you do not have these stains, a cleaning will not change the whiteness of your teeth.

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William F. Scott IV, DMD
The purpose of a dental cleaning is not to whiten teeth. However, in some cases your teeth will appear whiter after a cleaning. People who consume coffee, tea, dark sodas and other foods that stain your teeth, can develop a surface stain that makes the teeth appear darker. Some surface stains can be polished off during a dental cleaning making the teeth appear whiter. A dental cleaning is not able to remove stain that has been absorbed into the enamel surface.

Whitening and cleaning are totally different fields. If you have heavy stains on your teeth then cleaning can help whiten teeth a little bit.