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Can a dental crown be put back on?

I am a 40 year old male and my dental crown fell out. Can a dental crown be put back on?

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Yes but not always.

Depending on the reason why the crown came out; yes, the crown can be put back in. Sometimes a crown will come out because the cement was old and gave way. If this is the case a reputable dentist will inspect for any decay under the crown, take an x-ray, clean the crown, check the fit, and re-cement the crown back in.
However, sometimes a crown will come about because a cavity that formed around the edge got big enough that the crown could no longer hold on. Hope this helps.

My best to you!

William F. Scott IV, DMD
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There is no certain answer as it depends on the condition of the tooth. If the tooth is in good condition without any decay then the crown should be able to be re-cemented. If there is decay around the margins where the crown and the tooth meet, or on the tooth under where the crown covers the tooth, then that crown should not be permanently cemented back on the tooth. In that case, it may be possible to place a new crown, but there are times when there is not enough good tooth structure to place a new crown on. In that case, the tooth may have to be extracted.
The crown can be replaced as long as there is no damage to the crown or the underlying tooth. Many crowns come off because of decay or damage to the underlying tooth. A dentist should take an X-ray of the remaining tooth to check for any underlying problems.
A crown that has come loose can be re-cemented if the tooth has not decayed underneath the loose crown.
Yes as long as the margins are closed around the crown and also retentive
Usually, they can be put back on the tooth. Please call a dentist asap and they can get you fixed up. The longer you wait, the better chance it won't fit.
An old crown can sometimes be put back on depending
If there is no decay or any damage to the crown, yes. Let your dentist evaluate it.
See your dentist. See if your dentist can cement the crown back on. If it is cemented back on, make sure you are flossing and brushing correctly daily.
That will depend on how the tooth looks under the crown and if the integrity of the crown is still intact. Also it will depend on the age of the crown and if any contamination has occurred after the crown fell out.