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Can a night guard shift your teeth?

I am a 19 year old female. I want to know if a night guard can shift your teeth?

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Yes. It can.
A properly made night guard will not shift the arch that it is covering. As long as the bite is correctly set up and managed by your dentist, then there should be no shifting of the other arch either. If a night guard is not worn for a while, it is possible that the teeth that it was covering could actually shift slightly, depending upon a number of different reasons. You would know if this were the case, because the night guard would feel and fit much tighter than it had previously. Most all night guards are made of materials that are softer than teeth, and they act as a
sacrificial lamb to an extent. Meaning that the night guard itself will show the wear from clenching and/or grinding, instead of the teeth taking the brunt of that wear. So, the teeth are protected from wearing down themselves as a result of wearing the night guard. Hopefully this will serve as an answer to your question, and also give you some additional information regarding night guards and their purpose.
No, night guards are not strong enough nor have the forces to shift teeth. It is made by taking an impression of your teeth, and yes, your teeth shift daily, so, once it is seated it will or may feel tight. If you leave it out for a while, it will feel tight again. Night guards are a great thing for bruxers, clenchers, and stress movements.   
It depends on the type of night guard you have, but it definitely can. If you got the night guard from your dentist, talk to them if you want them to try to adjust it. If you got it from a store, it is most likely not moving your teeth; but your teeth may feel different if you were grinding a lot every night before you got the night guard. Give yourself some time to adjust to the new feeling, and talk to your dentist if it persists.
Night guard will actually prevent your teeth from shifting, if properly designed & made
A night guard will not shift your teeth if the impression of your teeth is correct and the guard is made properly. This appliance is not an active appliance, it is a passive appliance. If the guard does not fit well and you have to force it on your teeth, it can move your teeth. The appliance should fit on your teeth easily. If your teeth hurt after wearing the guard for a bit, that means it doesn’t fit well and may move your teeth.
Good luck. Dr. Randall Wing
Not a well-made one as it works as a retainer (which retains teeth). If you feel like your teeth are shifting though, see your orthodontist asap.
This is a good question and a reason to have a well made night guard made by a dentist instead of buying an "over the counter" or ordering over the internet. One size never fits all and soft materials are not recommended
Mouthguards will protect your teeth, will work as a shock absorber for your teeth to relief from any major occlusal forces. The best mouthguard are the custom made done by a Dentist. There are over the counter but sometime does not fit properly as intended. Will be recommend to have an evaluation with your dentist or primary care provider.