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Can a podiatrist perform surgery?

I am 34 year old male who has a broken bone in his foot. I thought it would go away on its own, but its not. Can a podiatrist perform surgery?

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Yes, we do all foot and ankle surgeries. I perform total ankle replacements as well for bad arthritis of the ankle. We are well trained in foot and ankle surgeries.
Yes we do daily in my practice.
Most podiatrist can perform all different types of surgery including reconstructive surgery of the foot ankle and lower leg.
Foot Ankle and lower leg surgeon can perform surgeries. This is what I specialized in. This will progress if left untreated. There are multiple conservative options that work very well, but if surgery is needed I will be able to perform it and will educate you on what to expect and go over everything in detail of course. Please, make an appointment with me in my Chandler office (480) 269-7130 and I will go over all of your options. Depending on Xrays (if needed) that I can take at my office and the clinical exam, I am able to diagnose and recommend different treatment options. I recommend you have this checked as soon as you can, especially since I can usually treat this without surgery very well in just one visit with me. My office is located on Dobson Road, just north of Chandler Regional Hospital. Advanced Foot & Ankle Specialists of Arizona. Feel free to ask to be seen by me specifically and I will get you in the same day or the latest the next day. I take all insurances, please do not go off of the insurance list on this website as it is not updated yet. Mention that I have talked to you on the internet. I can also do the entire visit with you over the phone or video call as well, which most insurances cover, even if you are out of state and my staff can verify this for you when you schedule. Thank you and have a good evening.
Podiatrists can perform surgery. It is important that the podiatrist is properly trained in surgery for the best outcomes. Board certification in surgery is a plus.
Yes, most podiatrists are surgically trained in foot and ankle procedures. A select few are trained in reconstruction of the ankle.
Yes and no. The answer depends on the training that the DPM has. Did he/she complete a surgical based residency? Does the doctor have hospital or surgi-center privileges? Positive answers are necessary to have them do any surgery.
Good luck.
Yes. We are trained to perform surgery on the foot and ankle
Yes. Many of us, are experts on foot and ankle surgery. I work with a Pediatric Orthopedics group and train fellows in Pediatric Foot & Ankle Surgery, See: https://www.acfas.org/fellowshipsolomon/
Most podiatrists are residency trained and perform surgery. Many have board certification, including myself.
Yes, a podiatrist can perform surgery.

Jonathan M. Kletz, DPM
Yes, podiatrists are trained in surgery and many are on staff at local hospitals. You have to get evaluated first to determine whether you are a surgical candidate.

Yes, podiatrists do perform foot surgery.

Dr. Lui
Any podiatrist that has completed a two or three year surgical residency can perform surgery. I myself completed a three year foot and ankle reconstructive surgical residency and perform surgery daily in my office. I also perform surgery at the local surgical center and hospital. Thank you for your question and I wish you a speedy recovery from your foot fracture.
Yes podiatrists can perform foot and ankle surgery depending on the experience training and what the state allows where he or she practices.
Absolutely. Just find a Podiatrist in your area with Board certification by the American Board of Foot and Ankle Surgery with Hospital privileges.  
Yes. A podiatrist can perform surgery. I am a podiatrist, and I perform 10-15 surgeries a week, ranging from bunion and hammertoe correction, to fixation of broken bones, to amputations of infections.
Yes. Podiatrists do perform surgery. If your fracture has been slow to heal you need to be evaluated to determine the most appropriate course of treatment. I hope you are feeling better soon.
Absolutely!!! I am one of many board certified foot and ankle surgeons. You should be able to easily locate a board certified surgeon in your area. Go to ACFAS.COM and search "doctor near me." 
The answer to the question is just podiatrists are considered foot and ankle surgeons and are highly trained and qualified to perform surgery on broken bones.

Dr. Mark R. Gorman
Yes, if he deems it necessary.
Yes, a surgically trained podiatrist can perform foot and ankle surgery, depending on their qualifications and state rules
Yes they do.
The type of surgical procedures performed by podiatrists may vary based on each individual's training, experience, and personal choice within their practice. A foot fracture is a common surgical procedure done by podiatrists in our area.
Podiatrists can perform surgery. We have extensive training for all foot and ankle problems. I recommend you schedule an appointment with a foot and ankle surgeon (podiatrist) to discuss your options
Many Podiatrists are surgeons, but some are not. And, that being said, you should seek out a Well-Trained surgeon to evaluate and perform your surgery. Look for a 3-year residency trained Podiatrist or a 2-year trained Podiatrist with a 3rd year as a Fellowship, and look for a Podiatrist BOARD CERTIFIED in one of the 2 following boards: ABFAS (American Board of Foot & Ankle Surgeons) or ABLES (American Board of Lower Extremity Surgery). There will be other 'board certified' Podiatrists that are certified by a Non-Surgical board, and those doctors you want to stay far away from. Evaluate your doctors by patient evaluations on websites like this, or even through reasonably written Yelp reviews.